Love God


Often when I am talking to people about God they tend to get hung up when I ask them about their relationships to God.  They always ask me, “How can I love God when I cannot even see Him?  I have enough trouble loving the people I CAN see and touch!”

Websters defines love as:  an intense feeling of deep affection

So we know or can remember what it was like the very first time we fell in love:

  • Our hearts raced when we got close to the other person.
  • We found that all we wanted to do was be with the other person.
  • We found that we could not stop talking to the other person long after we had run out of things to say.
  • We found ourselves feeling down when we were not with the other person.
  • We knew we just wanted to do things for the other person that we knew they would like.

What if I told you this is how I, and many others, feel about God right this moment?

“That’s impossible! You can’t hug God or kiss God or touch God!”  Who says you have to in order to have “an intense feeling of deep affection?”

Love is way much more than touching, or kissing, or even having sex.  Love is a mind thing when it true love.  Therefore, when you get God right in your mind, meaning you know God for who He is, what all He has done for you, and that He loves you like no one else in the world, then the love cannot help but flow from you to Him!

I love my family with all of my being.  I would do anything for them.  I also love God with all my being and would do anything for Him.  God made me, my family did not.  God gives me air to breathe and keeps my heart beating. My family cannot do that.  That is why the Bible teaches us that our priorities are to be God first, then family, then other people.  We are to love ourselves as well, but we are much farther down the list.

Jesus Himself teaches that anyone who puts His own family before God has their priorities out of order.  This is very hard for us humans to understand since again we can see our families and we cannot see God, but here is the real lesson here:


Love for God is faith based


We must have faith that God exists.  We must have faith that God’s Word is 100% true.  We must believe what God had written in the Bible in John 3:16:

“God so loved the world (that’s all of us) that He gave His only Son (that’s Jesus) so that whosoever believes in Him (accepts Jesus substitutionary work on the cross in dying for us and accepts Jesus as personal Savior) shall not perish (die and spend eternity in hell) but instead shall have eternal life (LIFE IN HEAVEN WITH JESUS FOR ALL ETERNITY)!

Do you believe that John 3:16 is 100% true?  If you do, then you are well on your way to loving God.  God loves you more than you can ever know.  God tells us in the Bible that He has AWESOME plans for our lives.  The problem is we get in the way of those plans when we do not trust and love Him.

Each morning before my feet hit the floor I thank God for another day – a day only He can give me as a gift. I talk with God all throughout the day as I work in people’s lives to help them live better, fuller, more God glorifying lives.  I ask God to help me say and do the right things to help people be free from depression, to remember what it was like to truly love their spouses, to stop putting everything else but God first in their lives.  Then before I go to bed, I grab my Bible and I go to my study and I spend time alone with God and I would not exchange that time for anything else in the world because it is here that God talks to me through His Word.

I do not have a patent on these actions.  You can do all of them too!  If you make God the priority in your life then you will be a priority to Him and then watch the blessings in your life come rolling in and watch the times of trials get easier because you will know you are never alone in them and the God who created everything is right there with you to help you through them.

Life is simple…….LOVE GOD!!!!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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