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This weekend you can look forward to our 4th video in our 5 part series “In The Beginning.”  The next video is titled “God Delivers.”  In it, I will be discussing how God is always faithful to keep His Word when we trust Him and obey His commands to the best of our ability.

The exact opposite of this is what we see in the lives of the early Jewish people.  God was constantly telling them what they needed to do yet all they seemed to do was initially rebel against God and then get very sorry very quickly when God’s wrath fell upon them.  God brought them out of slavery in Egypt and the very next day they were complaining that they did not have the food they liked!!  Being ungrateful is not the way to get God working in your life!

The video will explain why obedience is key to getting God’s best in your life and it will give you two more applications for your life and your walk with God.  We have had such a great time creating these videos for you.  We realize these are our first few videos and they surely could be better, so please know we will continue to work on them as we continue to make them for you.

Finally there will be a new podcast up on Sunday as well and it is by far the best one to date!  I’m very excited for you to hear it as it is about a subject I get a lot of questions about.  It will be titled “Break Glass” and it will explain to you how God wants us to handle the times in our lives when we experience emergencies and we feel at our wits end.  This is a “can’t miss” podcast because it deals with a subject that all of us have to deal with many times in our lives.  God is very clear on how we are to handle these situations and I will outline the cure we need to follow during these times.

Looking toward the future, I am currently putting the finishing touches on a series of videos that I will start releasing that deal with how to repair a broken marriage or relationship.  These are videos that will end up being sold to our marriage retreat clients but because all of you have been so great about supporting us here at God’s Light, we are going to release them to you first and free of charge!!

Without a doubt, broken marriages are the number one problem I see when counseling people both in and out of church.  Nothing hurts my heart more than two sit with two people who at one time could not live without each other, yet today they feel as if they barely know the other person and they are on the brink of divorce.  Well I have great news for you – this video series will be the medicine you have been looking for if you would like to have a better, stronger, more loving marriage.  I will teach you, from the Biblical perspective, how to repair hurt feelings and broken marriages through this video series.  This material is tried and true as we currently are proud to say that we have a 90% success rate with mending broken marriages through our marriage retreats.  This is truly material that, even you have an awesome marriage already, I guarantee you will find nuggets of information that you can use in your own marriage.  Look for this series in two weeks!

So I hope you are as excited as we are here at God’s Light for all of the great teaching that is coming your way now and in the weeks to come.  We hope you will share our content with everyone you know as we slowly continue to build our community here at God’s Light.

As always, we send a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of you who continue to donate to God’s Light.  It is you who make it possible for us to continue to bring these great videos, podcasts, and teachings to you each and every week and we truly appreciate you.

Until tomorrow, may God’s Light shine on you and your family!  Enjoy church and your time with God this weekend and please let us know what you think about the video and podcast in the comments section either here on the website or on our YouTube channel.

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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