New Video and Podcasts now live!


In case you missed them over the weekend, we released the newest video and podcast.

The podcast is all about what to do when emergencies find their way into your life.  God has very specific instructions for us to follow when we find ourselves in a bad way and need God to intervene for us.

You can catch the podcast here

The video is the fourth part in our five part series “Light for Life” and it titled “God Delivers”.  This video covers the importance of obeying God and having faith in God no matter what.

You can catch the video here –

We hope you will enjoy the video and podcast and it is our hope that you will pass these links along to others who you feel could benefit from our teaching.  As well, we hope you will leave your comments on the video and podcast so that we can take your feedback into account and make these offerings better for you.

Thanks as always for spending your time with us and as always, may God’s Light Shine On!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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