Huge Weekend Coming Up and Brain Paint!

Coming up this weekend here on we will have the 5th and final Light For Life Video which concludes out initial series.  We totally appreciate all of you who took the time to view our videos.  The majority of the comments so far have been around the sound quality as well as the length of the videos.  We will do out best to improve the sound quality and videos going forward will be a little shorter in length.  We heard you loud and clear and we want to make these videos so that as many people as possible want to watch them.

The next podcast will be up on Sunday and it will cover what has been our most read blog post to date – It’s Ok To Walk Away.  It was clear after making that post that many people had strong feelings about this topic so it was only natural that I wanted to speak on it as well.  So look for that to come your way on Sunday.

On the counseling front, I joined an elite group of counselors today who will begin offering neurofeedback therapy for patients.  I urge you all to Google neurofeedback therapy, particularly the one we use called Brain Paint, and read up on it.  This is truly the way ALL therapy will be done in the future.  The success rates for neurofeedback are simply incredible!  It basically helps you to retrain the way your brain works and allows people to be free of illnesses that they have had most of their lives.  It works on depression, phobias, anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, as well as ADHD and ADD.  I will be doing a video on an actual session of it coming up soon, but the response to it has been absolutely enormous for our practice.  Only around 200 therapists nationwide are offering this service and I became one of them today!!  Please feel free to email me to get more information.

So look forward to another media filled weekend here at

We love you, we appreciate you, and we are so very grateful for your continued support of what we are doing here.  Have an amazing, blessed, and safe weekend.  I hope your time at church this weekend is the absolute best ever!  May God bless!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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