What We Can Learn From Babies


I’ll bet you did not know that there is a lot we can learn from babies about our spiritual lives and our walk with God!

To begin with as babies learn to walk, they fall down on average of 50 times each day!  Yet they never think, “Well this walking just must not be for me,” or “there is much less to this walking thing than all these people are making of it.”  No instead, they get back up and try again and again until they get it right.

So why is it that we do not do the same when it comes to our relationships with God?  Usually the minute that we fall down, we decide that Christianity isn’t all we Christians make it out to be.  As well, why would a God who truly loves us let us fall in the first place?  If we do not fall, we will never learn to walk.  In other words, if we were just always getting our way and everything was perfect, we would begin to believe we do not need God because we are doing everything ourselves and things are going great!!  Falling teaches us that we are truly not self-sufficient.  We must rely on God to meet our needs just as He says He will.

Next, babies naturally trust people and love them unconditionally.  You never have to teach a baby to love, they are born ready to love.  In fact you have to teach them not to love in order for them to feel unloved.  Studies have been done with babies where the Mom never says a single word or makes a sound to them but the Mom smiles really big at the baby and sure enough the baby gets excited and often smiles back.  But the same Mom can frown without making a sound and the baby will soon begin crying.  No words spoken and the baby, who have never been taught, understands how we are feeling.

So why is it that we, as adults, have an incredibly hard time reading other people’s feelings, especially since we have the ability to talk to each other!!  Kind of hurts the brain to think about this one.  You see, God first made us for a relationship with Him, but secondly, He made us to have relationships with each other.  We truly need each other – we are wired to need each other.

I love my job because every day I help people enjoy life more and grow closer to God.  To me, there is no better job in the world.  I get to share in other people’s lives and we truly become trusting friends during our time together.  When I do my job properly and the people no longer need to come see me, I am happy to say that most of them still call me just to check in as a friend.  You know how I know how they are feeling?  I ask them!!  Amazingly, they always tell me how they feel and what they are thinking.

This is how we get to truly know and care for each other.  Yet our society, with its ability to go on the internet and be whoever we choose to be because we can be anonymous, and we can show the world on Facebook who we want them to think we are, is slowly losing the ability to have true and caring communications with each other.  Further more, every year more and more people do not even want to “deal” with other people at all.  We self check out at the store, we use ATM’s instead of talking to bank tellers, and we go to great lengths to avoid having to speak to other people at all costs.

Did you know that if a Mother did not talk to her baby for a period of 3 weeks the baby would lose the ability to read emotions and would then find it incredibly hard to relate to anyone again!  Guess what?  Adults are the same way!!!  The longer we text each other and stop talking to each other, the less we will care when  bad things happen to other people.

So I believe it is time that we started to learn from babies.  We need to love unconditionally.  We need to stop being afraid to to fall.  God promises to be there to pick us up and get us back on our way as long as we rely on Him.  We need to want to have relationships with others.  Jesus Himself tells us that if we have faith like the little child then we will be able to enter the gates of Heaven.

So friends let’s not be afraid to fall.  We can pick each other up and be there for each other, just like these two are.


If this picture does not have love written all over it, then I do not know what does!!

Have a great, long Labor Day Weekend friends!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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