Podcast: 5 Truths For Troubled Hearts


This week let me take you to the tomb of Lazarus.  If you look around you will see Mary and Martha and a lot of their Jewish friends, all there grieving with them over the loss of their brother Lazarus.

Jesus and the disciples show up, but it is obviously too late now to do anything about the situation – Lazarus is dead.

Wrong!  This weeks podcast is going to look at verses 1-47 of John 11 and I will outline for you 5 Truths For Troubled Hearts.  Whenever you are feeling troubled in your life, if you will take notes on this podcast and keep them with you, I guarantee that your troubles will not hand around long – but you must believe!!!

We now present – 5 Truths for Troubled Hearts

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

I would like to thank and give credit to the awesome Pastor James MacDonald for bringing this message to light.  Its teaching is timeless!

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