That Sinking Feeling


Far too often we get that sinking feeling about our lives.  We seem to struggle no matter what we do.  We can’t seem to get close enough to God for Him to hear us.  We yell and scream but no one is listening.  We do all that we possible can do, but it is never good enough and nothing helps.

God knew these times would exist in our lives.  That is why he gives us John 6 as our example as to what to do when we realize we are on the Titanic and the band has even stopped playing.

First, let me give you 5 Signs That You Are Sinking:

  1. When You Can No Longer See Your Way – you are confused and you can simply see no way out, no light at the end of the tunnel.  In John 6 we read, “By now it was dark.”  These were professional fishermen and they knew better than to be in deep water at night, yet God told them to go, and in faith they went.  It is scary when you cannot see where you are going, or even worse, how you will ever stop going where you are headed.
  2. When You Feel You Are On Your Own – you feel separated from the love and help of Jesus.  In John 6 we read, “Jesus had not yet joined them.”  The storms were raging and Jesus was not with them and they had no clue how he could ever join them in time to save them.  Being isolated from Jesus is exactly where Satan wants you to be.  When the cats away the mice will play and  that is exactly what Satan does.  He will say to you, “Where is Jesus when you need Him?  You are about to drown out here and He is nowhere to be found.  Too bad for you.  I could save you – all you need to do is agree with me that God can’t help you!”
  3. When You Feel Out of Your Comfort Zone – when you are doing new and risky things your mind tends to want to tell you that you are going to fail.  In John 6 we read, “The boat was in the middle of the lake.”  This was new territory for the fishermen who did most of their fishing closer to shore.  They were more familiar with the shallow waters and could navigate them more easily.  Out in the deep, they were way out of their comfort zone.
  4. When You Feel Like Strong Forces are Against You – it seems that the world is ganging up on you all at once and you are powerless to do anything about it.  In John 6 we read, “The water began to grow excessively rough.”  Rough waters in a small boat will terrify anyone.  The same for us in our lives when we feel like everything and everyone is against us.  Here is when we begin to think, “How did God let me get in this mess and when is He going to get me out.”
  5. When We Struggle and We Keep Failing – you know and feel like you are doing your best and doing all you can but nothing is making things better.  Mark 6 in referring to John 6 tells us, “They were in serious trouble!”  Have you ever felt like you were in serious trouble?  Maybe bad times at work?  Or your marriage is having troubles?  Or you just feel depressed all the time?

Well now let me share with you where God is and what He is doing during your times of sinking.  Jesus does 4 things during these times:

  1. Jesus prays for us before it even happens – Matthew 14 tells us about the disciples, “Jesus was on the mountain praying for the disciples before He sent them into the storm.”  That should be very comforting for us.  Jesus obviously knows we are heading into a storm and will feel like we are sinking.  Therefore He prays for us before it ever happens!!!  We usually go through trials and storms when we are disobedient to God or not dealing with the sins in our lives.  Therefore, Jesus prays for us, that we would open our eyes to our disobedience and then He will walk on water to come save us!
  2. Jesus notices our struggles – Mark 6:48 tells us, “Jesus saw the disciples straining at the oars.”  You see, Jesus wants us to call out to Him and let Him know we are sinking and in our own power, we are helpless.  Nothing ever takes Jesus by surprise, including our struggles.  When we reach out to Him from our hearts and from a place of sorrow for our sins, again He will walk on water to help us.
  3. Jesus comes at our moment of desperation – Mark 6 reads, “about the 4th watch of the night He went out to them walking on the lake.”  Why does He seem to wait until the very last minute most of the time?  Because most of the time, that is how long we wait to humble ourselves in front of Him and pray for Him to help us.  Imagine how many of our trials could be cut short if we would turn to Him immediately?
  4. Jesus shows us His true identity – From Mark 6, “When the disciples saw Him walking on the lake, they were terrified.”  By walking on the water, Jesus proved to them that He is more than a mere man, He is who He said He is, God in human form.  In your struggles, Jesus is showing you who He is as well and hoping that you will recognize that as well.  For example, if you were desperately in need of job, do you realize how many peoples lives Jesus has to work in to make that happen?  Usually it is hundreds of people He has to work through in order to help you.  No man could ever do that.

So let me give you 5 Things To Do When You Are Sinking

  1. Have courage because Jesus is with you – courage is moving ahead in spite of your fears.  You do not need to argue with your fears, tell them to talk with Jesus and let Jesus deal with them.  Boldly have faith that Jesus is with you in your trials.
  2. Take a risk in faith – Jesus does not want us in our comfort zones all the time.  No growth ever happens in our comfort zones.  Growth comes when we stretch ourselves, mentally and spiritually and physically.   By taking risks, you show Jesus that you trust Him to keep His promise and always be with you.
  3. Stay focused on Jesus and not your problems – I say this every day – what you focus on always gets bigger.  Focus on your problems, they get larger.  Focus on Jesus, He gets larger.  Focus on Jesus and let Him handle your problems.  Jesus will always carry you when your boat sinks guaranteed.  But you must be focused on Him and ask Him for help.
  4. Do Not Doubt – remember that Peter asked Jesus to let him walk on the water out to Jesus.  In the beginning, Peter had no doubt and he walked on water.  But after a few seconds he focused on the huge waves and stopped focusing on Jesus, and he immediately sank.  Do not sink – never doubt Jesus. If you truly believe that God created the world in 6 days and that Jesus was raised from the dead, then what on Earth can they not handle??
  5. Praise God Right There In The Middle of the Storm – “Father I know that You know I am in the middle of this storm.  I also know that at any minute You have the power to quiet the winds and let me walk on the water and come to you.  I praise you Father for your continuous patience, love, and help that you always give me, even when I am at my worst.”  That little prayer is the belief that begins the blessing!

So the next time you feel like you are sinking, please keep these words with you and get yourself back on top of the water by keeping Jesus first and praising Him from your storm.  He will clam the winds, the water, and your mind in a heartbeat!

With great Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


7 thoughts on “That Sinking Feeling

  1. Love this post! I’ve definitely felt all of these things at times in my life. Great to see the illustration of how God works to pull us up when we are going under. Thank you for sharing.


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