Are You Listening?


The Bible makes it very clear to us through numerous verses that we must be very careful who and what we listen to.  Just think about how different things would be if Adam and Eve would only have been more careful when listening to that talking snake!

I often imagine what the conversations might have been like from biblical times.  Maybe they went something like this?

“So Abram, if I understand you correctly, you are planning on leaving all of your family behind, including pretty much every person you have ever loved and as well, many people who depend on you for their food and shelter; you are also going to leave behind all of this land that you own – you do realize since you are the wealthiest man in the land that you own more land than anyone ever right?  Also you are going to leave behind all of the cattle, chickens, pigs and other animals that you own – more than any man could even count?  And if I understand you correctly, you do not even have a clue as to where you are headed, correct?  Abram, you have clearly been drinking far too much and you have totally lost your mind!!!  What is wrong with you??

And Abram replied……………….??????

“Ok Noah let me get this straight.  In case you forgot, we live in the desert near the driest mountain in all the land.  There are no rivers or lakes anywhere near here, you realize that right?  Ok, so since you agree with this, what in the blue blazes are you doing building, what did you call it, an ark?  So will your ark float on the sand you fool?  Every day you cut down more trees and waste your days cutting boards for your stupid ark, and for what?  It has not rained in this land for months, you realize this right?  You have clearly lost yourmind! What is wrong with you??

And Noah replied………………….???????

“So Shadrach, you realize all you have to do to NOT get thrown into that fiery furnace is to say that King Nebuchadnezzar is greater than your god, right?  Even if you don’t mean it, just say it you idiot!!  We can feel theheat of that furnace from here and we are really far from it so you know you will be burned alive in that thing right??  What is wrong with you??

And Shadrach replied………………..?????????

Abram, Noah, Shadrach, and many, many others in the Bible who were asked what is wrong with them when it seemed like they were acting irrationally all responded exactly the same…

“God said it…..I believe it….That is good enough for me…….I will obey.”

Never, ever listen to the people who will have you move away from God’s word.  In fact, what happened to those people who tried to talk these people away from God’s Word?  Well Abram’s detractors were left behind, never to be allowed into the Promised Land.  Of course Noah’s detractors ran to the ark screaming to be allowed in just as the flood waters rushed them to their deaths.  Shadrach’s detractors watched him enter a fiery furnace and walk out unharmed and were forever ashamed of their actions.

A commonly used phrase today is “haters are gonna hate” and that is really true.  Today, people love to “hate” on just about anything, and especially anything to do with Jesus.  Well let them hate all they want.  We will answer them in kind with love and just keep on building our arks, we will keep on going where God tells us to go, and we will even enter into a fiery furnace because as Shadrach said in the Bible, “Even if we die in that furnace, God will save us.”  We will follow Jesus wherever He asks us to go, whenever He askes us to go, and how He asks us to go.  Just like Abram, Noah, and Shadrach, we will be the ones who reap God’s blessing and be with Him for all eternity.

Be careful who you listen to!!!!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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