God is Sufficient


Do you know anyone who could be considered a hoarder?  Or maybe even you have some slight tendency to “collect” things.  Myself, I have amassed quite an impressive collection of Lego sets that I intend to build “one day” when I retire.  Yeah, right!!!

Hoarding is a very real sickness and it emanates from a feeling that God simply is incapable of providing for all of our needs, so we take it upon ourselves to “store up” things in case we may need them one day, or we may have a fear that we will run out of something that we need.

Now there is nothing wrong with liking to collect things and truly enjoying them.  But if you have anything in your house that you have not touched for 5 years or more, then it has “garage sale” or “Goodwill” written on it even though you cannot see it.

Now there are many excuses for wanting to hold on to t hings.  Some things remind us of great memories we have had in the past.  Although it is factual that you will still very much continue to have those memories long after that item has been sold or given away.  It is not the item that contains the memories, it is your brain.

Jesus tells us in the Bible never to worry about Him being able to meet our needs.  Needs – not wants, wishes, or desires.  There is a huge difference.  A Ferrari is not a need, unfortunately.  Food, water, air – now those are needs.  Jesus points us to the birds He created and reminds us that they never plant anything, nor do they go to the grocery store to buy food, yet every bird gets a meal every day.  If God takes care of the birds, then surely He will take care of us right?

So maybe instead of continuing to hoard “things” what if we changed our paradigm – what if, instead, we hoarded love?  You see our hearts are funny things, when you fill one up, then you simply cannot help but share what runs over with others!

Won’t you trust God to meet your needs?  There is never a need to store up anything here on Earth, because in the end, there will be greedy people who fight for it long after your in Heaven.  We should focus on sending all of our treasures ahead of us to Heaven through serving others, giving of our time and resources and money to help others, and just generally being a loving, kind, faithful believer in the One who created us, Jesus Christ.

Store up the love then when you ready to burst, give of it freely to everyone!

With a heart bursting with love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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