Pain and Suffering and God


Today I found myself pondering something pretty large, so I thought I would share it here to get your thoughts on it as well.

Here it is:

Pain and suffering do two things:  convinces some people that there is no God, AND AT THE SAME TIME draws some people closer to God.  This fascinates me.

This is akin to a group of 5 people seeing a car accident and when the police arrive none of them tell exactly the same story of what they have seen.  This is because each person brings there own personal biases and backgrounds into what they focus on.

The main reason today that people come to the conclusion that there is no God is affliction, pain, and suffering that happens to them.  After all, how could a loving God, and a totally good God allow anyone to suffer at all?  God allows misery, pain, anguish, and depravity and we cannot make sense of that.  Doubts in the mind grow along with pain in the heart.

Yet at the same time, the same misery, pain, anguish, and depravity will cause other people to grow closer to God.  For these people, the pain and suffering wake them up out of their spiritual sleep and make them realize that truly the only way to get through trials in life is with God by your side.

One set of people blame God, the other fall at His feet and beg His help.  Same circumstances.  Aren’t people fascinating?

All of these people have access to the exact same information about God.  Yet some choose to ignore it and live apart from God.  What is fascinating is that these same people will then firstly blame God when pain and suffering come calling.  How can you blame God when you have spent so much time ignoring God or even refusing to believe in Him?

You cannot have your cake and eat it too.  You must either choose to believe in God, that He is the creator of all and is in control of the universe, and in control of you, or else you don’t.  If you don’t then you must stop blaming God for anything at all.

Blaming God for anything when you ignore Him or tell others that He doesn’t exist is simply insane.  It makes no logical sense at all.

Pain and suffering in this life is actually very easy to explain.  It is called “free will.”  As hard as it is to believe, the pain and suffering you are experiencing is caused by choices that other people have made and choices that you are making and have made.  End of story.  God wants you to love Him because you want to, not because He forces you to.  God never makes anyone do anything.  We choose.

That is why this life often times makes no sense at all.  Why would anyone purposefully hurt any other person?  We do not like it when people hurt us, so why would we hurt other people?  Well that’s easy to explain too.  It’s called ‘sin’.  Given over to ourselves, we will often choose what is easy, and what suits our own greedy needs, and that often means that we will intentionally hurt others.  We are also very quick to want to “get even” with others as well which always pours hurt on top of hurt.

When we choose to act this way, it grieves God as much as it grieves us.  Could God force people to act properly?  Sure He could, but He loves us too much to do that.  Therefore He has chosen to work in the lives of those who choose to believe in Him to help them through the pain and suffering that occurs in our lives here on Earth.  The people that see this and believe it and trust in God are those who deal with pain and suffering much better and quicker because God gets them through it.

Where do you fall in this debate?  Do you blame God when pain and suffering come?  Or do you praise God for being there for you to help you get through it?

“As for me, me and my family, we choose God!”

With Love and great faith in the God who heals pain and suffering,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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