“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Okay so I have had a really rough week.  It started on Monday when I came down with vertigo.  I have had vertigo off and on since 2004 and lately have had it mostly in check.  Sunday evening my son and I enjoyed a favorite hobby of ours – we attended the WWE Live Pay Per View “Clash of Champions.”  Here we are in the height of our glory (we had awesome seats and ever got to high 5 a few wrestlers)


So you see we were surrounded by thousands of people on Sunday and it is my guess that one of them had a tremendous, hideous cold which when I get them, turn into vertigo.

And it sure did.

Now my vertigo is the kind where the room spins uncontrollably, I throw up continuously, I have to miss work because I cannot drive anywhere, I had to cancel all of my small groups and counseling for this week, oh and I throw up and the room spins violently if I didn’t mention that.  And it never stops.  It just keeps spinning!

So I finally got to the doctor who gives me steroid shots in my sinuses and then I have to wait about a week or two for that to take effect.  Today is the best I have been in almost a week and that is because the room only spins a little and I can keep food down again!  Yay!!!  It’s the little things that are exciting when you at the bottom of your well in life.

Now I had a ton of things I wanted to do this week and a lot of promises I had to break because of this sickness.  I felt horrible about each person I had to let down.  To me, each of these people were counting on me to be there for them, and I simply could not be.  To me, I failed.

So I sat down this morning and opened my Bible and I asked God what I was supposed to learn from this.  I told God I was mad, I was upset, I was angry, I was impatient, I felt like I was wasting precious time, and I asked Him why on Earth this was happening now and why was He not doing something about it!!!

This may seem like the ranting of a three year old, but I hope what you see is that what I was doing was just being real with God and opening up all of my true feelings and hurts to Him.

And what did He do?

He first brought me to 1 Timothy 6:6:  “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment”

God was telling me, “I hear you.  I know what your going through.  But remember that I am in charge and not you.  My ways are beyond your comprehension so stop asking why because I will never tell you when you couldn’t understand anyway.  Just remain godly and content.  Your still alive right?  You still have Me, your family, your friends, I could go on and on.  Stop being selfish.  This is happening for a reason.  Now if you want to know why, turn to Matthew 11:28.”

So I turned to Matthew 11:28 and it reads, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

God was telling me, “You are doing way too much and you need to slow down.  So I am slowing you down.  You will rest until I say so.  How about we spend some quality time together?  You cannot save the world you know.  I know you want to try but that’s My job.  Now pick up your Bible and let’s talk.”

Man, I love God!!  Direct, to the point, and always true!

So I’m resting for a while.  No videos will be posted for a couple of weeks nor any podcasts, but the posts will keep coming as usual.

Thanks God for slowing me down for my own good.  I hear you loud and clear!

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick


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