Solid All Around Advice


Whether you talk to me as a counselor, as a Pastor, or as a friend, you are going to eventually hear some really good, sound advice that has been time tested and works every single time, if you only give it a chance.  Want to know what it is?

“Turn it over to God.  Only He can handle what your going through.”

Sure that sounds easy doesn’t it.  Just tell God, “Ok I can’t handle this, so you are going to have to.”

Well you’ve almost got it totally right.  What you need to do to finish to to remind God that He said in the Bible that He would help us when we come to Him humbly and ask for help.  “Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you.”

Far too often we fuss and fight with ourselves trying everything we know how to do to try to fix our problems but lets face the facts: if we could fix things, we would.  But we can’t.

We need God.  So just say this to God:

“Holy Father in Heaven, I need you now.  Right this minute in fact.  You know what I am going through and of course You also know that I am pretty much helpless to do anything about my problems.  Therefore Father, You said that if I would seek Your help I would find it.  So please consider this me seeking Your help.  Also you said that if I would know, door would open for me.  So Father please consider this my knocking on Your gracious door and pleading for Your help.  I have faith that You will keep Your Word Father because you always do.  I will now wait patiently for You to bring Your peace and Your power into my life.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen!”

Then if you truly turn it over to Him, and not keep trying to fix things on your own, and you wait patiently, God will turn your bad into great things.  God brought Jeus back from the dead – He can fix your problems.

The sooner you do these things, the sooner you will receive help and healing.  Take it from someone who learned this the hard way over a lifetime of troubles and trials.

With Great Love and prayers for you,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

One thought on “Solid All Around Advice

  1. Even when you’re going through a really tough time, you still manage to send uplifting messages to us. Thanks so much for your commitment and dedication; I appreciate it.


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