Election Got You Down?

If the current election has got you down, keep in mind that this election is really no different than any other election that has ever taken place.  How is that you ask?

Well back when God was in charge and there were no “kings” the people looked around and decided amongst themselves that the societies that had kings were doing much better than they were.  So they told God that they wanted a king so that they could be as prosperous as the other people were.

Remember, God was in charge and the people decided that God was not doing a good enough job!!!!   As the human race, we came together and decided that a human person, a king, could do better managing things than God could.

And yet we wonder how things have gotten to the mess they are in today!!!

Well I have some good news for you – it really does not make a darn bit of difference who wins this election, or any other election because no matter whether there is a king in charge, or a President in charge, the truth is GOD is now and has always been in charge.  If you bother to read your Bible, you already know how the story goes and ends.  So all of the worrying you might be doing about these elections is all for naught.

Sure the next President may not see things the way you do.  They may raise your taxes, they may be as crooked as a mountain road in France even, but in the end, when it matters the most, we WIN!  Christians win!  Jesus’ children WIN!

The Bible is very clear that Jesus is going to come back and gather His children, His church, up into Heaven with Him and then we enter into a perfect eternity where I guarantee you there will be no more politicians!!!!  Oh and there will be no more Pastors either – after all there will be no need to preach about the need for Jesus because Jesus is right there!

Please know this, there are good politicians, there are bad politicians.  There are good doctors, there are bad doctors.  We are all human.  Greed enters into the picture as well as power trips and just general corruption.  I beg you to be very careful about judging ANYONE, including politicians.  I say this because the Bible is very clear on this point – you WILL be judged as you judge others.  Can you say you are perfect?  No!  Then please do not expect any other human to be.

No need to worry about the elections.  They will come and go.  Mistakes will be made by the next President as have been made by every single President we have ever had.  The Bible is also very clear in telling us to willfully submit to the authority of the commanding government.  The Civil War showed us what happens when we do not do so.  The death of millions of people because some human beings actually thought that it was ok to own other people as slaves!

God does not want us to worry about the elections.  He is in control and He has got it.  Please go vote if you can as that is our civic duty.  But all of the harsh talk and the judging has got to stop because let me tell you, you do not want to be judged like that by God.  God is a just God and He makes it clear that we WILL be judged by the same standard that we judge others.  Don’t like Hillary or Donald?  That’s ok, just don’t vote for them and go about your life.  You have much better things to spend your time on than judging fallible human beings.  Things like studying God’s Word and getting to know Him better – after all, you will be spending eternity with Him!

With great Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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