I Found God’s Will For You – You Can Stop Looking Now!


If I have heard this once, I have heard it a thousand times, “Pastor Brad I just want to know what God’s will for my life is.”

Ok enough already, I will share the secret with you.  But once I tell you, you have to agree to do it and stop asking about it!!

Here it goes:

God created you for two reasons:

  1. God created you to have an intimate relationship with Him
  2. God created you to have intimate relationships with other people

So what is His will for you?  That you would spend all of your days here on Earth practicing these two things so that when you get to Heaven, you will be a master at them.

It’s that simple.  God could actually care less what job you have.  When you ask God, “What job do you want me to have, God tells you, “I don’t really care as long as you feel like you are doing the best you can do there to represent me.”

All of life is simply the pre-show, the pre-game warm up for eternity in Heaven.  What job you have here on Earth simply does not matter to God.

So you may ask, “So Pastor Brad do you believe that God does not care whether you are a Pastor or whether you drive a garbage truck?”  The answer to that is – EXACTLY!  As long as I use my spiritual gift that God gave me to teach His Word to others, then it simply does not matter where I do that at.  It does make sense for me to try to reach as many people as I can and driving a garbage truck would see me affecting many fewer people than being an internet Pastor and a Counselor so that is why I chose this path.  After all, common sense makes sense.

You simply need to find out what it is you are passionate about, find a job where you can do that, be the best representative for God you can be at that job, daily work on learning more about God and loving Him more each day, and then work on your personal relationships in such a way that you are putting others wants and needs before your own.

That is God’s will for your life.  Now stop asking and start living!!!!  God is waiting!!!


With much Love and A Heart Full of Hope for You,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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