Are You Full?


So when you get to Heaven, do you think that everyone will be talking about the Kardasians?  Or how the Presidential debates went?  Or the scores of the big football game?  Or the last 20 winners of Survivor?  Let me answer that for you – NO!

So then why is it that we spend 95% of our time filling our heads full of that garbage and only about 5% of our time learning what God has to say to us?

“Well it’s much easier dealing with things I can see and hear versus things I have no idea where they even are!”  This is the response I get almost every-time I ask people this question.

I also get, “Well God never talks to me, so it feels like a monumental waste of time reading the Bible again since I have already read it once and I go to church and the Pastor goes over it again and again anyway.  I know this stuff like the back of my hand but it appears it will never do me any good.”

Yep, Christians have actually told me that they think God’s Word could not do them any good!!!  So what kind of example does that set for non-Christians whom we have been called to try to bring God’s Word to?  If they see us not reading it, and living like we have never read it, then why should they read it, much less try to live by it?

Let me try to make this clear for you – the Bible matters more today than it ever has.  You need look no further than these current elections.  A recent study from the Gartner Group has shown that over 93% of the political ads created by ALL candidates are attack ads targeted at their opponents and never truly deal with issues that matter to people, they simply attack the character of their opponents.

Now why would they do that?  Why would they spend millions of dollars trying to convince people that the person they are running against is unethical instead of telling us truthfully what their plans are for actually doing the job?

It would be like you going in for a job interview and the person doing the interview asks you, “what would you do to help this company achieve it’s goals” and you answer “well all of the other people whose resumes you have cheat on their wives, they cheat on their taxes, they bounce checks, they hate women and men and blacks and whites and Latinos and Asians, oh and they do not even live in this state!”  Do you think you would get that job?  Of course not!  Then why are we handing politicians jobs when they are doing this very same thing?

Well unfortunately there is an easy answer as to why – because this is what the majority of people want to hear.  Here are some cold, hard facts – people watch reality television more than any other kind.  People love to watch attack ads created by politicians.  If they did not like those people, then people would stop creating those things – its that simple.

Yes people actually WANT to hear how bad other people are because it makes them feel better about themselves.  Sad, but a very true fact of life.  This is why “reality” shows are so popular.  People watch the rich and famous act badly on television and say, “Well I’m glad I’m not rich like them if that is how rich people act.”  This is called “judging” in the Bible and God frowns upon it.  Yet there are more people who can name American Idol winners than can name books of the Bible!!!

It is time that we turn turn back to God’s Word and start filling our intellectual tanks with the Good News instead of trash and garbage.  Now look, there is nothing wrong with watching television, but like all things, it needs to be in moderation.  When you read the Bible and understand that it is God’s very words of advice and love to you, you will suddenly find yourself much more interested in what God has to say that what any politician or celebrity has to say.

Fill your mind with every word that God gives you in the Bible.  Each time you read His Word and you learn something new that you can start applying to your life, you store up your treasures in Heaven.  Let’s face it, when you die, and you will because the mortality rate of the world is 100%, the only thing you get to take with you is your character, everything else stays here for people to fight over or else the State comes and takes it.  God’s Word lives forever – it says so right in the Bible.  You will never hear that on reality television – ok well maybe on Duck Dynasty, but you will never hear that anywhere else on television unless you are listening to sermons.

I promise you every second you spend in the Bible is a second you spend pleasing God and there is no better way to spend your time.  The words you want to hear when you get to Heaven are – “Well done good and faithful servant”, not “Well you certainly did very little with all of the things I entrusted you with while you were on Earth, but good on you for knowing how all of the Real Housewives”.  God simply has no time to care about television, or celebrity.  God cares about your character and what you do with what He gives you.

Are you looking forward to standing in front of God and giving your testimony, or are you dreading it?  It’s never too late to start – you know where your Bible is – go get it and start pleasing God!

With love, joy, and a heart full of hope for Jesus return soon,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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