“What Are You Going To Do?”


Something I have had a very hard time learning in my own walk with Jesus is this: “Why does it often seem that Jesus is silent or not moving in my life?”

I will happily share with you what I have learned in my 48 years here on this wondrous planet of ours in the hopes that you can learn quickly what it took me my whole life to figure out – Jesus is waiting on you!!!!

  1. Jesus is waiting on you to pick up that Bible you own and let Him speak to you about what He expects from us to do in almost every situation in life.  Now some people say that is not true about the Bible.  They say things like – “Well Jesus never tells me if I should buy Google stock or not!”  No He doesn’t but He does tell us that “a fool and his money are soon parted” which means do your own research before you put your money into risky ventures like the stock market, especially now that we have changed presidents.  Jesus also warns us not to let the love of money become more important to you than Him – therefore maybe if you spent more time learning about Him, He just might drop some hit market tips your way!!!  Hey, if He can bring Lazarus back from the dead, He could point you in the right direction with the markets, in fact this happens all the time.
  2. Next, Jesus spends a great deal of time working in your life through other people and through circumstances.  Then when He is finished, He crosses His arms and asks you, “What Are You Going To Do Now?”  Life is a 24/7 test.  You see Jesus acts, then He waits to see what actions you will make and what choices you will make.  If you make godly choices that glorify God and please Him, He promises to repay you with rewards so great “your cup will overflow” with His grace.  What I’m saying here is this – you often miss out on God’s best when you sit around and complain and do nothing.  Instead do this – make up your mind what you would like to do next.  Then pray to Jesus and tell Him what you are going to do and end by saying, “Lord if this is not what you want me to do, then please stop me.  Otherwise this is what I am going to do.”  Jesus will stop you cold if you are about to make a huge mistake.  But if you seem to be getting no word, then move ahead with your plan.  This pleases Jesus and shows how much you have faith in Him.

The Christian life is about action.  It is not a passive life.  Jesus waits for us to act and then either corrects us or lets us proceed.

Have you been waiting to hear from Jesus on something in your life?  Well first talk with Him about it.  Then make a plan and tell Him about it.  Then act on it and watch what happens.  The minute I started living life this way, all of my choices became crystal clear and I have seen God work in my life in ways I was blind to before.  For example, jobs that I just knew I HAD to have, I ended up not getting and then got upset about.  Then weeks later something would happen that would show me why I did not get the job, such as the company held layoffs, or the boss turned out to be less than a nice person.

Listen, God has a plan for your life, and it requires you to make some decisions and act and then have faith.  As Pastor Charles Stanley always teaches, “Obey God and leave all of the consequence to Him.”  You will never go wrong doing this.

With Great Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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