Faith as a Verb


My guess is that God often wonders when we are going to be willing to be put our faith to the test.  We sit around and wonder why things are not working out as we want them to.  We ask God, “Are you not hearing my prayers?  I have prayed for this over and over, night after night for weeks now and nothing is happening!”

God will remind you that faith is a verb.  Faith is not passive, and faith should be followed by good works.  When all of these things come into alignment then you begin to see prayers answered.

Remember that over 3 million Jews were forced to wonder in the wilderness for over 40 years for their lack of faith.  I always picture Darth Vader in the movie Star Wars saying, “I find your lack of faith disturbing!”  God does too!

Abraham and Sarah had to wait many years before their son was born, but always remember that God always keeps His Word and His promises.  We just have to be willing to wait and get out of His way so that He can work.


I love that Peter, upon seeing Jesus walking on water coming towards him cried out, “Lord if it is you, please call me to come to you so that I may walk on the water as well!”  What faith!  Then Peter, just like we do, began focusing on the water and the waves and he took his eyes off Jesus for a split second and he began to drown.  It is the same for us still today.

NEVER take your eyes off Jesus.  It may seem like you are waiting forever, but time is meaningless to God and we need to be prepared to wait as long as it takes in order for God to deliver on His promises.  When you take your eyes off of God, you begin to fear and worry and then you begin to do things your way and try to hurry God, and then you will fail and fall just as Peter did.

Finally, when your prayers are answered, you must follow that gift with good deeds.  Share your good will and fortune with those who are in need.  Trust me when I say that this is the best kind of investment you can make because it is the only investment you can send ahead of you to Heaven.  So many people in the world today are hurting, in need, and hopeless and so very many of us are in a position to help them, yet we do nothing or very little.

This Christmas season, won’t you consider maybe going and buying some small gifts and taking them to a children’s hospital and freely giving them to kids who will not be able to be home with their families for the holidays?  Or how about sending a care package to soldiers who will be spending Christmas fighting for our freedoms here back home?  The list of people in need is tremendous and there is no lack of people we can all be helping.  If we show our gratitude to God by helping others, we are acting as Jesus did and that puts a smile on the Fathers face.  The Bible tells us, “You cannot please God without faith.”

With a heart overflowing with gratefulness and love this Christmas Season,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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