Silent Night


As a child, I can remember that I used to love just sitting in front of our Christmas tree and I was mesmerized by the lights and how they danced.  I could sit there and watch those lights for hours at a time.

The anticipation of what was under the tree was just the best feeling.  Would there be awesome video games under the tree from “Santa”?  Would there be Star Wars action figures under there because there were so many that I “needed” to complete my collection.

So I would grab some comic books and and a warm blanket and a hot cup of hot chocolate and I would sit in front of that tree and watch the lights in anticipation of that time when I could rip the paper off those packages and enjoy the gifts under the tree.

Now so many years later, this time of year is different for me.  When my kids were little they would come and wake me up as early as possible because they could not wait another minute to open up presents.  Now that they are older, we can all sleep in and have a great breakfast before the presents are handed out.  So I get more sleep these Christmas’.

The joy for me comes from being with my family and looking at the joy on their faces as they open their presents.  Oh and being so very grateful that when I have breathed my final breath here on Earth, I will be with Jesus and all wrongs will finally be right!

My anticipation has changed greatly as well.  I no longer sit in front of the tree and think about video games and Star Wars action figures.  But I still sit in front of the tree and I still look at and love the lights.  But my thoughts are different.  My thoughts are more of, “God you bless me more each day than any man deserves.  If I had to name all of the people and things I am grateful for that you supply me with each and every day, there simply would not be enough time in a lifetime to name them all.  So I will simply say “Thank You Father” for all of it.  The good, the bad, the happy, and the sad.  In the good – great joy is had.  In the bad – I am made to learn and grow and get closer to You and become more dependent on you.”

If I had my say, every month would be December and we would celebrate Jesus’s birth all year around.  This way we would not so easily forget why we are here in the first place.  This way we would find a little more joy in our hearts more of the year.  We would be more graceful to others.  We would be more thankful to each other.  Oh and not a single dollar would have to be spent either.  Just sitting with loved ones and appreciating them and loving them is what makes Christmas so special – just like sitting with Jesus and talking with Him and being grateful to Him grows us closer to Him and allows us to love Him more and understand and hear Him more easily.

So this Christmas, when you find some alone time, your “Silent Night”, and you find yourself gazing at your Christmas tree, won’t you thank God for all your grateful for?   Won’t you say a little prayer for those people who do not even know where they will spend Christmas because they are homeless?  Won’t you say a little prayer for all of the children who will be spending Christmas in a hospital somewhere?  Why not thank the Lord for your family who would lay down their lives for you if it was ever called of them to do?  Oh and be sure to thank God for His Son Jesus who makes it possible for us to one day spend every day in perfect Heaven with a perfect body and getting to worship a perfect Jesus each and every second for all eternity!!!!

This Christmas season, won’t you take the time to show God that you really get what this time of year is all about?

With a heart that has grown 1 million sizes,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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