Understanding Jesus Birthday


There are so very many things to understand about Christmas and Jesus birth that an entire volume could be written on it, but I would like to share just a few of them that I find fascinating.

One, it is incredible easy to miss out on miracles when you get to “busy with yourself and your life.”  think about this – the inkeeper turned away Mary and Joseph, telling them that there was no room at the inn.  Yet had he taken just a few moments to talk to them and find out who they were, he would have found the most awesome, amazing advertising moment for his business. He could have hung a sing outside of his inn that read “The Messiah Was Born Here!”  Who would not want to stay there after that?  Yet he was too caught up in a single moment of large business to realize who was standing before him.

Next, that star that was shining so brightly in the sky was available for every single person to see.  And if they would have known their Old Testament Scrolls they would have known what it signified and they could have stopped what they were doing and followed it to be able to see the baby Jesus.  Yet NO ONE ELSE but the Wise Men did.  THAT is why they are called the Wise Men.

Finally, do you know why the Angels told the shepherds about Jesus birth?  You know that shepherds were like garbagemen are today, not considered highly intelligent and had the worst job in the world?  Why would God tell them instead of the Religious leaders of the day?  Why?  Because they would listen and believe!  And they did listen and believe.

There is so much to learn about Jesus birth, but of course there is shopping to do and presents to wrap and tress to trim and parties to attend.  Of course all of these things are much more important then spending time learning about Jesus, who gave His very life so that we can live forever.


With great love this Christmas Season!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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