The Day of the Lord


1 Thessalonians 5 teaches us about “The great and terrible day of the Lord.”  This is the day that follows the rapture if you follow your Bible and concordances very closely.  This is the time when things like the “The Bowls of God Wrath” are poured out on those who chose not to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior while they had the chance here on Earth.

This will be the day when when God says, “Ok, I have had enough of this” and then firstly sends Jesus back to gather up Christian believers and followers of Jesus Christ, and then God will begin to let loose His ultimate and world ending anger upon this Earth on all of those who consciously made the decision that Jesus Christ would not be their Savior.

Here are just a few verses in the Bible that cover just what God has in store for His Day of Wrath:

Naham 1:2 – “The Lord is avenging and wrathful and stores up wrath for His enemies.”

Naham 1:7 – “The Lord is good – a stronghold for those who trust Him” – (even as the Bible is detailing all of these horrific things that will happen, God is still trying to get those who have not made up their minds yet to do so while they still can.)

Naham 1:8 – “With an overflowing flood He will make a complete end of his adversaries”

1 Thes 5:1 – “The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.”

Please pay particular attention to 1 Thes 5:1 because it is made so very clear to us – NO ONE on Earth knows when God will have had enough and call an end to Earth as we know it.  NO ONE.  All of the so-called mediums and fortune tellers have no clue.  By the way, why is it that not A SINGLE medium has ever won the lottery or even placed a huge bet on the Superbowl if they already know who is going to win?  At any rate, the Bible is extremely clear – not even Jesus Himself knows when God will start His Day of Wrath.

This Day of the Lord (or Day of Wrath) Will:

1 – Shock the unprepared

Those who have decided that they just “cannot believe” in the Bible and God’s supernatural powers will be so caught of guard when the rapture happens and people all around them begin to simply disappear right out of their clothing that they will be dumbfounded.

Jesus will come riding a white horse and He will gather up His people, then the war to end all wars will be fought but the Bible tells us that it really is not much of a war.  Satan and all non-believers lose.  Period.  Jesus simply incinerates them immediately and they will spend all eternity in hell with Satan – all because that is the choice they have made for themselves.

A lot of people like to debate the rapture and when it will happen.  I choose not to get into those debates.  I simply know this – there is ZERO chance that the Lord will have His children on the Earth when the day of the Lord comes.  Jesus will bring an end to all of His adversaries – think immediate incineration.

Now let me give you 5 Fearful Realizations of Those Who Reject Jesus:

1 – There is a God!!!!!  – All of the non-believers will HAVE to now realize that God exists after all and that they have made a terrific mistake.

2 – And it is not me!!! – All of the non-believers WILL HAVE to come to grips that they are not God after all – God is God, just as He told us in the Bible.  This will be a terrifying thought for this group of people.

3 – A record of my rebellion exists – All of the non-believers will then realize that they have been unable to hide all of the horrible things they did while on Earth.  It will all be directly in the light for all to see.

4 – The penalty for my sin is upon me! – Worse yet, all of the non-believers will then realize that their ultimate judgement awaits them and it is not going to be pretty.  You might think you have seen someone mad here on Earth, but when God is mad, everything trembles.

5 – The wrath is falling now!! – Finally they will realize that their time is up and they no longer have the ability to turn back and make the right choice.  All non-believers must now begin to suffer the wrath of God.

Its not shocking that Jesus is the only way to Heaven – what it is shocking that there even IS a way considering how deprived we humans are.

2 – The Day of the Lord will destroy the self-assured

There are over 7 and ½ billion people alive on Earth right now

The average amount of words spoken by a person each day is around 16,000

So take 16,000 and multiply it by 7 and ½ billion then divide it by 16 waking hours then divide it by 60 the number of minutes in an hour then divide it by 60 again and you get to a rounded number of 2.1 billion words that are being spoken right this very second, and every second.  That is a lot of words.

With words and actions in their attitudes and imaginations the cacophony of ceaseless human chatter is collectively saying “there is peace and there is security.”  Very few people, outside of Christians truly believe that one day God will return and there will be a price to pay.  But make no mistake – the Lord will have His day.

One of the reasons people think and say everything will always be fine is because preachers let them say and think it.  They do not preach this topic correctly, if at all, because it is not a “happy” topic, but make no mistake, it is a topic that must be preached to EVERY person on Earth because their eternity depends on the decision they make.

The Bible tells that many “People say, “Peace, peace” when there is no peace.  2016 has been a pretty hard and strange year all around, yet how many people have told you anything about being ready for Christ to return at any moment?  “Well now people have been saying Jesus is coming back immediately since the day He left!”  That is true and in truth they are the smart ones to be living their lives as if Jesus could return at any moment.

Famous Christian preacher and author Charles Spurgeon wrote on Feb 20, 1860 – “Ministers are fearfully guilty if they intentionally build up in men a false peace”

3 – It will separate light from darkness

Once God’s Day of Wrath starts, there is no stopping it, and there will be no getting any second chances.  Every minute you have where you decide NOT to accept Jesus as your Savior is a minute that Jesus could return my friend, and then it will certainly be far too late for you.

It may seem like it is not coming because it has been over 2,000 years, but rest assured it is coming.  God is patient, but will all of the hate and all the killing and the ways that people treat each other today, God will only be patient so long.  Especially given the way that the United States keeps pushing God farther and farther away from us.  We have removed God from our government, from our schools and colleges, from our businesses, and from our personal lives.  We can barely find 5 minutes to get alone with God and talk with Him.

Nobody is God’s child who has not received Jesus.  Period.  End of story.  Jesus is the one and only way.  It is usually those who need Jesus the most who will listen to a message like this and scoff at it, calling the preacher closed minded, yet it is the Bible says in John 3:36 – “Every single person who does not believe in the Lord will see and feel His wrath”

Therefore God’s People Must:

1 – Wake up

Typical crutches Christians use:

Addition – your saying Jesus is not able and I will soothe myself

Anger – you are says Jesus is not good and I will solve this

Avarice (greed) – you are saying that Jesus is not enough by Himself

Avoidance – your saying Jesus is not safe, I’m going to step back and disengage

Apathy – your saying I used to care but Jesus let me down and I do not care anymore

2 – Clean up

You know exactly what you are doing in your life right now that does not align with God’s wishes.  That means you know where to start to clean up your life to be ready for that day when Jesus returns.  Do you want Jesus to return to find you viewing pornography?  Or lying, or stealing, or cheating, or abusing others?  Listen, we are all sinners and we all make mistakes, myself included, so we all need to be constantly working on doing better in our lives.

3 – Grow up

We need to begin taking ownership of our actions and stop blaming others.  We are where we are due to the choices that we make because no one makes you do anything.

4 – Look up

It is time we realized that Jesus is the one and only way for us to have a relationship with God and have a chance to enter Heaven.  Folks, there just is no other way.  This is not close minded thinking – this is what the Bible says whether you believe it or not.  You can choose not to believe in gravity but when you jump put that 10th story window, your going to fall to your death whether you believe in gravity or not.

5 – Build up

We need to be building up others as God commands us to do all through the Bible.  We are to be sharing our good fortunes with others and picking others us when they are down.

I preach this message to scare you, but not to FORCE you to make any kind of decision.  I am simply putting the facts in front of you and hoping you will make the right decision.  It is easy to think that God could not possible exist because I used to think that way myself.  Then God brought me low so I had no other choice that to realize that I needed Him to bring me back up because I could never do it by myself.  When I made that choice, God picked me up and life has never been the same.  Death means absolutely nothing to me in an Earthly manner.  In fact death is to be a joyous thing for Christians because it is the beginning of our new lives in Heaven!!!!  Can you say you feel the same?

Friends, I beg you to make this decision to choose Jesus as Savior right now!  Just bow your head and say, “God I have had no success trying to be God myself and I realize that I need Jesus as my Savior or else I will feel your wrath on your Day of Wrath and I do not want that.  I accept Jesus as my personal Savior, I confess all my sins to you and agree that they are wrong, and from this day forward I live my life a new child of Christ!”  if you pray this prayer, then you can rest assured you will be in Heaven with Jesus.  If you do not, then you simply are gambling away your eternity.

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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