Tim Tebow’s New Book Titled “Shaken”


I can highly recommend Tim Tebows’ new book “Shaken” to everyone.  Whatever you think of Tim Tebow, whether you think he tried to “force God” on people and the NFL or whether you think he simply was made an example of in the NFL, one thing is certain, Tim Tebow is just a human like the rest of us and he has been through the ringer.  Highest highs and lowest lows he has been there and that makes him credible to be able to write a book about how Christians are to handle both of these situations.

Tim starts off by explaining exactly what it feels like to have your dreams, and dreams that you were sure God was behind, ripped out from under you.  How do you react to that?  How are you supposed to feel?  What are you supposed to do next?  Even the strongest Christian questions God at these times, and that is ok and is to be expected.  Yet that is not a place that we are supposed to stay.  You see, a Christian knows that God is still there when are dreams are ripped from us.  It simply means that God has other plans for you.

Tim points out that it is not “who” we are that counts.  Instead it is “whose” we are that matters.  We are all God’s children in His care and that means that if we think we are supposed to be quarterbacks in the NFL and God does not agree, then you can bet that we will not be there very long, and Tim found this out by living it out.

I do not want to spoil the entire book for you, but rest assured that Tim stands as a Christian role model for anyone who is or has struggled with depression, losing their dreams, and who has struggled with re-defining themselves.

I read this book with skepticism because I was in that group that felt that Tim was “show boating” by “Tebowing” or kneeling in the “thinker” position every time they scored a touchdown.  But Tim explains that this was simply His way of thanking God for allowing Him to live him dream and for giving him the skills to be there in the first place.

I believe that Tim could have done this differently and he may have been taken differently from the crowds but that was God’s plan, and Tim’s lesson to learn.  In the end, God has Tim right where He wants Him and that is how all of our lives will end up.

Please,  if you get a chance to read this book, take it.  You will learn the inside story of how NFL football is 100% a business and nothing more.  You will learn how your favorite players have number attached to them and when those number fail to stay the same, they are cut without a second thought.  You will learn how to face the world when your world has been rocked.  You will learn how to handle adversity and have to re-define yourself when God tells you that where you are is not where He wants you to be.

Thanks Tim for the great book and the life lesson.

With Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

3 thoughts on “Tim Tebow’s New Book Titled “Shaken”

  1. Thanks! I was going to buy that book but chose another, but I will go ahead and get that one. I always admired Tim Tebow for the praise he gave the Lord, on and off the field. My own son, who is 11, has given praise at his football games. Someone told him he could offend someone by doing that and he didn’t care. He kept on keeping on, which of course, made me proud of him.


    1. I have had the opportunity to speak with Tim in person at a Christian Business Panel and he is extremely genuine and there is pretty much no verse of Scripture he cannot pull out at a moments notice. He told stories of his team mates in Denver making fun of him for praying before and after games but he never let that stop him from praying. The real crux of the book is how to deal with the disappointment of beginning to live your dreams and then having the rug pulled out from under you, thinking that God is with you and making the dream possible, so why would He end it? It is a great and inspirational read. Thanks for your reply Andi!

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