Does God Really Care?


Many people, Christians included, wonder if God really does care about our lives.  We read in the Bible that God “knows the number of hairs on our head”, so He MUST be interested in us right?  But doesn’t He have much more important things to do than help me figure out if I should change jobs or not?

Let me tell you with great certainty that God does indeed care about every aspect of your life, even the very small things.  The deal is, we normally find it very awkward to talk with God.  We often do not know what to say or even how to say it.  We feel like we are not important enough for God to worry about so we tell ourselves, “why bother when God is too busy to care about me.”

Not true.  This is the very reason why Jesus told us, “I need to leave so that someone else who is better than me can come and be your helper.”  You see at that time Jesus was bound to His body, and He knew that in order to be with EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, at ALL TIMES, He would need the Holy Spirit to come and live inside us in order to be there to help us and listen to us always.  You see, God is an awesome delegator.  God knew that we would have trouble understanding His Word, and that is another reason why He sent the Holy Spirit to help us understand the Bible.

I can’t tell you how many times I have read the Bible by now, and in how many languages.  But one thing is for sure, each time I read it, I learn something new because the Holy Spirit enlightens me to new things that I need from the Bible at that moment.

God cares!  He so cares! He just needs you to believe in Him, and believe that He cares, and then be willing to ask for huge things and medium things and little things and to ask Him to use you to help others.  Then finally, in order to hear Him, you have to LISTEN to Him.  Read the Bible daily and ask Him questions about it.  Any question you like.

If you are mad, tell God.  If you are happy, tell God.  If you are depressed, tell God.  If you have reached rock bottom and you do not think you can go on another day, tell God.  He cares and He wants to help you.  He sent the Holy Spirit to live in you and to guide you.

For instance, have you ever told a lie and then instantly felt bad about it?  That is the Holy Spirit telling  you that you know what you just did is wrong.  But God never MAKES you do anything – He sits back and watches how you will handle yourself.  So when the Holy Spirit points out that you just did something wrong – make it right.  Go tell the person you told the lie to that you lied and you feel bad about it.  You will be shocked at the responses you get AND how much better you will feel knowing that you just pleased God.  This is the type of person God love talking with.  A person who will listen to God AND obey Him and do what He tells them to do.

So yes God cares – so do you care enough to obey Him?  Maybe you are scared to talk with Him because He may ask you to make thing right, or He may ask you to make something else right in your life that is currently not right and you may be afraid to do that.

Do not be afraid.  God is patient, but He will not wait forever.  Pharaoh refused to change his heart and God left him to himself and he died because of his pride.  You still have time to make things right.  Talk to God.  Listen to God.  OBEY God.  Leave the consequences to Him.

With Great Love and Hope,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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