Faith (Or Not)?

Businessman looking at faith door

Faith lies at the very heart of the Gospel.  Every single person puts faith in something – themselves, their jobs, their money, their spouses, their children, their power over others, some false gods, or Jesus Christ.  Even atheists put their faith in the fact that they are god and that God does not exist.  At the center of atheism is the fact that they put all their faith in the belief that no higher power other than themselves exist.  Of course if they truly put their minds to it, they must next confess that if there is no God then there is no Heaven or afterlife and therefore all life is meaningless.  You are born, you live however many days you live, then you die and it simply never mattered that you ever even lived!!!!

Faith is a choice.  You must put faith into something.  I have yet to be able to understand how people can put their faith in themselves over God.  How is that working out for you?  Is everything going your way?  Are you meeting all of your needs?  Are you able to fully explain all of creation, including nature and the stars and what keeps our hearts beating?

You most certainly cannot and do not, so why on Earth are you so sure there is no God?  Think of all of the things you have blind faith in?  Put the keys in your car and turn them and the car starts – can you explain how the car starts EXACTLY?   No.  I know you use the internet because you made it to my sight and are reading it now.  Please explain for me EXACTLY how the internet works?  Are you going to stop driving and stop using the internet because you do not know EXACTLY how they work?  No.

So why do you think you need to know EXACTLY everything about God before you can believe in Him?  Come on!!!  Look around you!  Absolutely everything around you speaks to God as the Creator.  The trees that just “magically” grow, an amazing cold rain that falls on a hot summer day, a baby being born, all of the intricate systems that must work exactly right every second or else your heart stops beating – it all points to God!

It most certainly does not point to you.  Or some wooden idol, or some space alien.  In science, their is a term called “best possible explanation.”  This means that given all of the information available and after studying said information, the “best possible answer” becomes obvious.  That is what God is – the “best possible answer” to all of life.

Listen, do you want to just die and that be the end of your life?  I do not.  I want to live forever as a spiritual being in a perfect body in the perfect Heaven worshiping the perfect God who gave His life for me.

If you put your faith in man, man will let you down.  If you put your faith in science, science will just change and your faith will be wasted.  If you put your faith in yourself it will last only as long as you do and then – nothing.

I always ask everyone – what is so bad about God?  Do you want someone to kill you?  God teaches us, “Thou shall not kill.”  That’s pretty awesome!  Do you love it when people lie to you?  God teaches us “Thou shall not lie.”  That’s also pretty awesome.  You see, these “laws” God gives us are not to kill our fun or enjoyment – they are there to save us from ourselves!

Let me leave you with this – many, many people have tried to burn the Bible, they have killed people for talking about Jesus, they have killed children because they were afraid that one of them might have been Jesus, today people are doing all they can to remove God from our society – yet given all of this, the Bible is STILL the best selling book every single year and churches are filled with people who are willing to agree that God is God and we are not.  We need God to help us because deep down we understand that we are simply weak people who, left to themselves, would do harm to ourselves and others without giving it a thought.

Straight up – what are you putting your faith in?  Buddha is dead.  Allah is dead.  Muhammad is dead.  All of the wooden and gold calves and idols were never alive to begin with.  No one has ever seen the aliens that rule over the Scientologists so we have to assume they are dead (work with me here, I’m giving the Scientologists the benefit of the doubt).  Jesus is alive!!!!  He is sitting on God’s right hand side and He is waiting for God to tell Him, “Ok enough is enough, it is time to end this – please go begin Your Reign my Son.”  After this happens all believers will be swept up with Jesus in Heaven to live for all eternity.

Look if I am wrong, then I am no worse off than you are.  But if I am right, and I am, then the only alternative for non-believers is eternity in hell.

Which will you choose?  Oh and refusing to choose is actually choosing hell.

It is my prayer that these words will make you think.  Eternity means forever.  There is no such thing as just dying and that’s it.  That would mean all of life i meaningless and we all know that cannot be true.  Think this over and make your choice.  You are putting your faith somewhere – why not put it in Jesus who allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross, spit on, beaten, and be killed – ALL SO YOU CAN LIVE ETERNALLY?

If you have any questions at all about this message, please reach out to me on email at and I will be happy to talk to you in-depth about this message.  You will never hear a more important message than faith in Jesus and your eternity.  I pray you will make the right eternal decision.

With Awesome Love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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