Trust In God (You Cannot Go Wrong)



I know firsthand  how frustrating it can be to be told that we are to have an intimate relationship with God when we cannot physically see or hear Him.  How are we to do this?

The answer is one word – TRUST

In my own life, here is how I have built up my relationship with God to the point where now I no longer worry about decisions or if my plans will turn out as I want them to, and the best part – I never, ever feel alone – I give everything to God and trust Him to make it turn out for my good, and it always does, even when I may not see how right away.

Here are the steps so that you can follow them too:

  1. Life deals you a situation that you had not planned for – for example, you find out that there is a possibility that you may have a disease that could be very debilitating to you.
  2. Next you think about your situation and you let yourself feel the emotions that are involved with it – anger, frustration, uncertainty, sadness, fear, depression.  This is an important step – you must NAME the emotions because if you can’t your emotions will take over your life and become your God.  So you must name your emotions you are feeling.
  3. Get alone in a quiet room.
  4. Visualize God sitting in the chair across from you.
  5. Tell God exactly how you are feeling at that moment and do not hold back.  God does not mind if you tell Him you are angry, mad, frustrated, at wits end, and maybe even desperate.  God is a huge God that created everything, so I promise you He can deal with your emotions.  And here is a little secret – God wants to be the God of your emotions as well.  In fact, you would not even have emotions if God did not emotions because you were made in His image!!!!
  6. Next, explain to God exactly what you would like to have happen – for example, “God I am extremely frustrated that this disease has come upon me.  It ruins my chances to work, to help around the house, really, to function as I am used to.  So I want this disease to leave me just as quickly as it came upon me.  I am willing to do whatever you tell me to for this to go away.  Yet God, I understand that this disease just might be Your will for me and if that is the case, I simply ask that you would help me endure this disease and not be a burden to others, because ALWAYS I want your will and not my own.
  7. Finally, end with, “God however this works out – I TRUST YOU – YOU ARE GOD AND I AM NOT.

Pretty simple isn’t it?  Now I would never tell you that you will ALWAYS get what you want or have your way.  If God gave us everything we wanted when we wanted it, God would be a genie in bottle to us and nothing more.  You never need to have faith and trust in a genie because the genie always  gives you what you want.

Here is how God works:

  1. Something happens in your life and it is NOT news to God – He already knows what is happening.
  2. God then folds up His arms, and He looks at you and He says, “Okay you have about a million different ways you can react and deal with this situation – WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?
  3. Then it is up to you to act.  YOU MUST ACT!  You cannot sit in a chair and say “I wish this situation would change” and expect something to happen.  God wants you to show Him that you trust Him, and you do that by first telling Him what you plan to do, and then YOU DO IT.

When you trust in God, you turn the entire situation over to God, tell Him what you plan to do while you wait for Him to act, then you do what you said you would and wait patiently on God to act.

Have you ever thought about how much work God has to do to help you?  Want an example?

Let’s say you really want a new job.  So you send your resume to 10 different companies and you tell God that out of the ten companies there is one you really want to work at, but of course you will take what God gives because His will be done.

Then God has to work in the lives of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who touches your resume to make them want to select you over the hundred other resumes that they have on their desk.  Then God has to work with you to say exactly the right things in your interview as well as work in the lives of everyone you interview with to want to choose you over everyone else.  You may have multiple interviews, so God has to do this step over as many times as you must interview.  Finally God has to work in the person’s life who makes the final hiring decision.

Yet we want everything right now.  Everything God does for you takes time, so give Him the time to work – that means TRUSTING HIM.

I can tell you with full confidence through my own life experiences that every single time I trust God, He has worked in a ton of people’s lives to bring outcomes in my life that always work out for my good whether I see it immediately or not.

I desperately want the same for you!!!  Won’t you try my suggestion above?  What do you have to lose?

God is waiting for you to trust Him so that He can bless you more than you could ever know.  Don’t leave God waiting – TRUST GOD TODAY!

With great love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick





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