200th Post (State of the Site)


This is my 200th post!!!  In March of 2016 I was faced with a challenge by just about everyone I told that I wanted to start an online church and counseling ministry.

What was the challenge?  Everyone told me it would not work.  There is no way it will work.  People will not trust you unless they can see you.

I told them that I planned to put sermons online and make them fun, yet practical, which is not what you usually get in any local church – and they told me no one would watch and I would waste a ton of money on expensive video equipment and web site hosting fees.  They told me that no one would ever comment because “church stuff” is personal and not something a lot of people want to share with others.

I told them they were wrong and I was going to do it anyway.

So on January 21st, 2017, what is the state of things here at God’s Light Christian Ministry?

I am a humble man and easily admit when I am wrong.  When I am right, I give the praise to God.  Overall I was right some and “they” were right some.  Let me explain.

To begin, “they” were right that the vast majority of people do not post comments.  The people that have have been really moved by the content.  So that tells me that I more than likely need to focus on certain kinds of content more than others.  Lesson learned.

Next, “they” were 100% correct that hardly anyone watched the videos we put online.  The maximum amount of views that we got was around 18 on one of our first videos then after that it dried up to almost nothing.  And yes, we spent a lot of money on expensive video equipment and web site hosting.  That is why there have not been any more videos here on the site.  Lesson learned.

The Podcasts were the same as the videos.  They were the least viewed posts I did.  The feedback I got was , “Put them on iTunes and more people will listen.”  I heard you load and clear.  Unfortunately that costs quite a bit more money as you pay for more hosting and bandwidth.  That is just not something I can quite yet afford.  Hopefully in the future I can return to them because I LOVE doing them.

Next, the counseling aspect of the site did in fact work.  I have received many requests for counseling help, so on that one, I got it mostly right.  Of course, I do not take any form of insurance, and that is because of 2 things: 1) insurance tells me what I can and cannot charge.  Would you like it if you went to work and expected to be paid a certain wage and then someone told you that you can only make half of what you expect?  That is EXACTLY what insurance companies do.  2) Insurance builds a record of your psychiatric visits and employers have the right to ask for those in a background check and trust me, you do not want that.  It is much better to keep your personal history personal.  But I also do not charge anywhere near what a secular counselor charges so that works in my favor as well.  Finally, doing counseling online allows you to be in the comfort of your own home and I am extremely flexible with my hours so my counseling never forces you to miss work!!

So overall, for an “almost” year in review, things are building slowly, and that is just fine by me.  I am an extremely patient man when it comes to business.  If you hurry, you fail.  I have seen that far too many times.  I will “keep fighting the good fight, keep running the race in order to finish strong.”  God would not have brought me to this place only to fail.  Therefore you can count on much more new, exciting, and applicable content coming your way.

I am stubborn though and I think that YouTube videos can work.  I just have to be humble and think my content was not what was wanted by any audience.  So I will change it up.  So coming soon, you can expect more videos, but they will be different for sure.  They are going to much more geared to “life stories” and how God works in people lives.  These will in fact be entertaining, not just me preaching to you, and they will still be practical and meaningful in your life.

Oh and on the donation front – I was told that absolutely no one would donate.  I was told, “People already give at their local church.  They will not give you a dime.”  Well they were wrong.  Thanks to your generosity, donations to this site started like a house on fire, and then have leveled off, but are still slowly coming.  People donating by PayPal was the big winner, and I truly thought more people would have used the Amazon link, but I will not argue.  As I have written on the site, 50% of every dollar donated goes to help local missions, and the remaining 50% goes to help pay for running the site and web hosting and a little goes into my church building fund.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for those who have donated and continue to do so.  I am humbled by your generosity and it has allowed me to make a difference in other peoples lives who truly need it and to start a small fund for church building, oh and keeping the lights on here of course.

I do get around 25-50 emails a week with questions of all sorts.  Questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, marriage, depression, suicide – you name it, people ask it.  I am thankful for everyone who has trusted me enough to write to me and ask.  You can rest assured I answer every single email I get personally.

Finally, I am looking for a church that is looking for a pastor.  If you know of one, or know someone who might know of one, please email me and let’s talk.  My work here speaks to the kind of Pastor that I am.  I love God, the Bible is 100% accurate, and Jesus died for all of us and if we accept Jesus as our Savior, then we will indeed spend eternity worshiping Him in Heaven.  Oh, and I can preach and talk about the Bible 24/7, 365 days a year and never tire of it.  Any help would be appreciated.  You would not believe how hard it is to find a Pastoring job these days.  I figured it would be a simple as showing people my degree, interviewing with them and bingo I’d be a Pastor.  Nope.  Seems most churches are “not accepting applications at this time.”

God has a plan for me, for this site, for my ministry, and for whether or not I will ever get a Pastor job.  And I am so on board with that idea!!!  I want God’s best, not my feeble attempt to get what I want.  So I will wait patiently and expectantly and know that God will bring about the most awesome plan for my life and I will follow His lead.

In closing, thank you all so very much for spending your time with me when you can.  My goal is simply to make your walk with God easier and more understandable by demystifying the Bible and helping you to understand your emotions and how they can affect you.  I will keep doing that until there is not a single person listening or reading.  If there is but only one person reading, then I will continue.  One life saved is as good as million.

God bless you all!  I pray that 2017 will see God take this site and my counseling practice to levels I never dreamed it could go, and as well, I pray that 2017 brings you the best year you have ever had.  And I hope you will continue to share your lives and time with me in 2017.

With nothing but Love, Gratefulness, and Gratitude,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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One thought on “200th Post (State of the Site)

  1. Such a beautifully written summary of your past year. However no one can begin to know how much hard work and time you have devoted to class time and helping others through your on line portal and also your counseling. It’s been wonderful walking alongside you on your journey. Love you.


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