The Bible is absolutely full of the fact that we need to keep the truth with us each and every minute of every day.  Jesus called Himself, “The Way, The Truth, and the Life” meaning that Jesus, at His very core, is Truth embodied.

The truth can seem to mean many things but in the end, it truly means, “be truthful in all your communications with everyone, especially yourself and with God.”  Yet, the truth is that we have become a world of people who lie more than we tell the truth.

After all, the truth often hurts, and as humans, we will do absolutely anything to avoid pain.  We will tell all kinds of lies to “avoid hurting others”, “to avoid getting caught”, and mainly to “avoid hurting ourselves.”  Yet anything other than the truth always leads us to pain and suffering and worse yet, we let God down and disappoint Him.

Our main purpose in life here on Earth is to try our very best to be like Jesus.  So would you please point out to me where in the Bible Jesus told anyone a lie of any kind?  I know you cannot because Jesus never told a lie.  Why?  He knew the devastation that comes with not telling the truth.

Sure sometimes when we tell the truth we are going to hurt other people’s feelings.  In fact, by telling someone the truth, they may decide to never talk to us again.  Yet in the end, a lie is never the way to go.  Of course lying is a sin and there are always consequences for any of our sins, lying included.

There is never a good reason to not tell the truth.  Every single time someone in the Bible tells a lie, they end up paying dearly for it, and the same is true for us still today.

When you tell someone what you think they want to hear instead of telling them the truth, you do both them and you a disservice.  They will think something that is not true, and you just sinned.  Why not instead tell them the truth in a way that will show them that what you are telling them is not meant to hurt them or their feelings, but they asked, and you feel the need to always tell the truth.  In the beginning, they may be hurt by what you said, but they will also always remember that you will be truthful with them, and people like that are getting harder and harder to find these days.

The Bible clearly points out that the person who tells lies and does not feel sorry for it and repent will not enter the gates of Heaven.  Do you really want to spend eternity in hell because you think it is easier to not hurt someone else’s feelings, or maybe get caught doing something you should not be doing?

“The truth shall set you free” – free to know that you are pleasing God and sometimes doing the hard things instead of taking the easy road.  Always remember that the easy road leads to hell and the hard and narrow road leads to Heaven.

Do you love it when you find out that people have been lying to you?  Absolutely not – so why would you do the same thing to them?

Always tell the truth and let God deal with the consequences.  If people decide to stop talking to you because you tell the truth, then you have joined the same club as the Apostles who told the truth about Jesus and almost all of them were killed for doing so.  I’m not saying you will be killed for telling the truth, I am saying that you are taking a bold stand for what is right and in the end you will be rewarded with entry into Heaven for doing so.  Lying only opens the door to hell.

Which will you choose?  Remember, answer truthfully!!!!!!

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

God’s Light Christian Church

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