Your Impact For God

spread gods word

A very common misconception that Christians have is that you have to either be a pastor or missionary in order to share God’s Word with others, or else you have to be a missionary trying to bring the Word to a tribe deep in the jungles of Africa who have never heard the Word before.


Look around you right where you are right now.  If we lined up 20 random people right now did you know that while 13 of them would tell you they know about the Bible and the other 7 will tell you they have never read it, ALL of them are sharing it with others at the same rate – ZERO!!

Why is that?  The Bible tells that “if we are ashamed of Jesus or God or the Bible, then God will be ashamed of us as well.”  God is not someone you want ashamed of you.  “Well shame has nothing to do with it Pastor Brad – I simply do not want to go around pushing my beliefs off on other people.”

No one told you to go and push anything on anyone.  Where is the crime in simply asking others where they stand on their belief in Jesus Christ?  They will either say yes or no and  in either case, you have a chance to share your testimony with them.  It’s not a matter of forcing Jesus on anyone.  Jesus Himself never did and He would not want us to either.  Everyone has free will to believe as they choose, but we simply have no excuse to NOT share God’s awesome promises with the world.

In many cases, if you do not share your faith with others, no one else may ever do it and that means a person misses out on an eternity in Heaven simply because we were either scared of making them upset, or we may feel like we do not know God’s Word well enough to share it with others.

Here is something you may not have ever thought about, but it is a very powerful thing to know and understand.  Jesus Christ never got any farther than 20 miles away from His own home!!!  He only taught a core group of 12 fellows for only 3 years, yet 2,000 years later we are still talking about Him and His work and the words He spoke.

If you have a family, then you have a ministry.  When was the last time that you and your spouse prayed together?  When was the last time you prayed over your children before they went to bed?  When was the last time that you went to lunch with a friend and simply told them how much Jesus means to you?  Jesus wants to have an intimate relationship with you and your family and friends (and everyone!).

If you feel that you do not know or understand the Bible well enough to share it with others, then simply tell them the story of when you accepted Jesus as Savior and got baptized.  Your salvation story is usually the thing that sticks with people the most because it is REAL and is a part of your life.  When they see the changes in your life, they may even ask you what brought on the changes, and BINGO, there is your chance to share your story with them.

What impact are you making for God?  If we have no intentions of making any impact for God, and all we are interested in is getting into Heaven, then we have missed Jesus’ proclamation to us to spread His Word to the very ends of the Earth.

I fully believe that God will turn to Jesus and say, “Ok, it is time to bring the Earth to a close” the very second that the final person who needs to hear the Word of God gets it shared with them by a fellow Christian.  We are called to be bold in our taking God’s Word to the world.  Can you say you are on board with that plan right now?

With prayerful love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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