God Not Speaking? Are You Willing?


I cannot tell you how many people ask me all the time, “I wish I knew God’s will for my life.  It seems like God never speaks to me.”

If you do not know God’s will for your life, it is NOT because God is not speaking to you.  God will speak to you EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The question is twofold:

  1. Do you open your Bible and read God’s Word each day?  So you look for God to work in the circumstances in your life?  Do you surround yourself with Godly people who are not afraid to speak the truth into your life?
  2. Are you 100% willing to do what God asks of you to fulfill His will for your life?

You see, most people never understand God’s will for their lives because they are too busy trying to get ahead in life here on Earth to worry about what God wants them to do.  So they might go to church, but they rarely, if ever, open their Bibles and let God speak to them.  How can God tell you what He wants from your life if you never allow Him to speak?

Next, many people never look at all the ways God already works in their lives and give God the credit.  They think THEY have it all together and all of their success is because of their hard work.  Finally, they certainly are not surrounded by real people who will really tell them the truth when they need to hear it.

But the biggest reason people never find out God’s will for their lives is because they are afraid of what God may tell them.  Trust me, God does not want everyone to be a missionary in Africa.  God simply wants people who are willing to do exactly what He asks of them, when He asks them to do it, and how He asks them to do it.

For example, a Pastor that I have known for some time used to be a CEO for a major financial firm.  He was so successful that he would offers from many other financial firms, always for more money and with better golden parachute stock options.  He had lots of cars, a couple extremely nice homes, and by all Earthly thinking, he was a huge success.

Yet he never felt like a success.  In fact, he could never put his finger on what it truly was that he was missing in his life.  One afternoon a co-worker of his was reading their Bible at lunch and he asked them what they were reading.  When they told him they read their Bible most days during lunch, his reply was, “What for?”  The answer he got was, “Because if you do not have God on your side, you are lost and will always find yourself unsatisfied.”

Those words haunted him for weeks until he finally gave in and went to church himself.  Once he found God, he held on with everything he had because he truly found what he was missing all along.  Go challenged him to quit his job, get a degree in Ministry, and eventually he would lead his very on church.  That Pastor is not the Pastor of the second fastest growing church in America!  If you say “Yes” to God, God will say yes back to you and in ways you have never dreamed of.

Again, God does not ask everyone to be Pastors or missionaries.  Sometimes, God simply says, “Will you tell someone else about Me?”  or “Will you share your story of how you got saved with your own family?”

You cannot find God’s will for your life until you allow Him to first tell you what it is, then you MUST be willing to do it His way, in His time.  There is NO other way to find out what God’s will is for your life.  And if you do not find out what God’s will is for your life, may I ask, what exactly do you believe your purpose is here on Earth?  To make money, be popular, win at everything you do, use others to get ahead, or simply to be “good”.

I beg of you know, to please spend some time alone with God and tell Him just how serious you are about finding out why He put you here on this Earth.  It took me 36 years to do, but once I did, in under 3 years, I began to live the life God intended for me to live, and I am glad I did.  Now when I stand before Jesus after my time here is through, I can look Jesus in the eye and know that I at least got to spend a few years serving Him and then look forward to serving and praising Him for all eternity.

Do you know God’s will for your life?  if not, what are you waiting for??

May God bless you and may you actively search Him out to find out exactly what your here for.

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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