Time’s Up? Then Where Will You Be?

Time is up concept clock closeup isolated on white

How much time do you have left in your life?  If your being honest, you know that you cannot truly answer that question because you do not know for sure exactly how much time you have left.

Why do I even ask such a question if I already know the answer?  Well that would be because the very fact that you do not know the answer to this question could mean the difference between where you will spend all eternity once you do die – and you will die.  The death rate in the world has been and always will be 100%.  Everyone dies, no matter what.

So since you do not know how long you have left to live, it seems there is the matter of you ensuring you will know where you will end up when you die.  Now many religions have a lot to say about this whole thing works.  Some say that if you die while killing a bunch of other people, then you will end up with a bunch of virgins in paradise.  Others say that you will first go to a place called purgatory, a kind of holding tank where you spend your time working off all of the bad things you did while you were alive.  Then when you have finally worked it all off your account, you can go on to Heaven.  These are just a couple – I could describe about 100 more to you, but I hope you get my point – which one of the hundreds of religions is the right one?

Well we are intelligent people and therefore, like intelligent people would do, you must look at the facts.  So let me give you the facts so that you can make your decision – because you need to make that decision immediately.  Also, refusing to make any decision is actually making a decision to not believe in anything, which is a huge mistake.  So let me enlighten you to the facts:

  1. Every other religion, BESIDES Christianity, believes in a god who is dead.  If your god is dead, what further good could they possibly be to you?  How could they be actively working in your life this minute if they are dead?  How could they be working things out for your good if they are dead?  The answer is they cannot.

    In Christianity, our God is very much alive and working in our lives even as I write this.  How can I know that for a fact?  Well God knew we would ask these types of questions, so He had a book written – The Holy Bible – that describes Him and His nature for us.  Before you tell me The Bible was written by drunks or fallible humans and is full of lies, let me remind you of the facts:  The Bible was written by many different people across many years both before and after Jesus died and yet they all tell the same stories.  It would have been impossible for these people to get together and make up a story as they lives hundreds of years apart from each other.  Also the facts show that many people have let themselves be martyred in the name of Jesus and let’s face it, no one would allow themselves to be killed in order to keep a lie going.  The Bible has existed for thousands of years and is still the best selling book year after year after year.  No one has yet been able to wipe it from existence no matter how hard they have tried.  These are the facts:  The Bible is God’s Word to us about who He is and what He expects from us.  Within The Bible, we are told that Jesus Christ was resurrected and is at this very moment sitting at the right hand side of God, oh and He actually talks to God about us each day and acts as our attorney with God when we do bad things.  Our God is alive and well and working on our behalf.  ALL OTHER gods ARE DEAD!!!  Logic tells you that you would want a God who is alive, who loves you, and who works your lifes situations out to your betterment.

  2. Seriously, if given the choice of having a room full of virgins or spending eternity in a brand new perfect body in a place where nothing bad could ever exist and living in perfect harmony and love with people who love you unconditionally, which would you rather have?  Or would you rather spend umpteen million years in a place called purgatory working off every single lie you ever told or every time you did something wrong in your life?  Logic tells you that you would want to be in Heaven with every other believer in Jesus Christ.  The same Jesus who tells us that He has built a place for us in Heaven and we can have it freely if we only put our belief and faith and trust in Him.  So again, virgins for I guess what would be a lifetime orgy, or working off a lifetime of sin, or simply accepting God at His Word and accepting Jesus as your personal Savior and then entering into a perfect place (Heaven) with a perfect body that never gets tired or sick, with people who love you for you, not what you have or what you can do for them.  Logic tells you that Heaven is, of course, the best outcome one can reach.  And The Bible says very clearly that there is truly only ONE WAY to get to Heaven – that is your freely accepting the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for all man’s sin and if you accept Jesus as Savior, then you are welcomed into His family and Heaven is your eternal destination.

    On the other hand, if you DO NOT accept Jesus as your Savior, and you decide that the virgins or purgatory is a better deal, well I have some very bad news for you.  You see the virgins and purgatory do not really exist – those were made up by man, not by God.  God created a place call Hell and there are not enough horrific words to describe that place to you.  Suffice it to say, Hell is NOT the logical choice for you.

    I hope I have make the choice a little easier for you to make.  You see, you could die in the next minute, hour or year and if you have not made the correct decision, or any decision at all for that fact, then break out your “I’m going to Hell and all I get is this lousy T-Shirt which will be burned off of me in seconds.”  These are not my concepts or ideas – these are what the Bible teaches us and again, God gave us the Bible so we would NOT end up in Hell.

    God also gave us all free will and that means you have 3  choices:

    1)  Accept Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for your sins as payments for all of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, or

    2)  Reject Jesus Christ as your Savior and find yourself in Hell with all others who made the same decision, or

    3)  Make no decision at all (which is the exact same thing as deciding not to accept Jesus as Savior) and end up in Hell as well.

    This seems like a no-brainer to me.  Look, the bottom line is, you must and you do put your faith in SOMETHING.

    Some put their faith in themselves, everything they do and have is because of something they did for themselves and God plays no role in their lives.  The Bible makes it clear that if you are your own God, then you should feel free to be your own god, you will just have to do it in Hell.

    Some simply cannot believe that a higher power could exist and therefore they say they believe in nothing.  They have the right to believe in nothing all they want while they are here on Earth.  The Bible makes it clear the minute we die, we stand in front of Jesus for judgment.  Now you may say you do not believe in The Bible at all, but that does not matter because it is true.  You can also say you do not believe in gravity but friend, if you jump out a window, your going to fall whether you believe it or not.  Your problem is pride – you do not want anyone telling you what to do.  Well you will have all eternity in Hell to be the boss of yourself then – its YOUR CHOICE.

    Finally there are those who look at the facts and realize that The Bible is 100% accurate, it is the very Word of God and that Jesus allowed Himself to take on every sin man ever committed unto Himself and then let Himself be crucified and be killed so that we who accept Him as Savior could spend a perfect eternity in a perfect place called Heaven.  These people will share an eternity with Jesus in Heaven, with perfect, flawless bodies, surrounded by friends and family and wives and children who believe in Jesus as they do.

    I ask you one final time – how many minutes do you have left to live?  Better make your choice while you still can?

    If you make the decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, then all you need do is say this prayer in your mind right this minute:

    “Jesus, I can no longer live my life for just myself.  I can no longer ignore the facts that You are God and I am not.  Therefore I accept you Lord Jesus as my personal Savior.  I believe you were crucified on that cross at Calvary, and that with your death, you fully paid for all man’s sin including mine.  As of this moment I consider myself a child of God and a changed person.  I know right from wrong and will do my humanly best to live as Jesus lived.  When I falter, I will confess my sins to You and repent and I believe you will forgive me.  In Jesus Holy name I pray, AMEN!”

    If you prayed that prayer and you truly believe it in your heart and begin to live a changed life, then welcome to Heaven my friend.  Jesus is currently building your home in Heaven as we speak and you no longer need to fear death in the least.

    If you still do not see the facts because Satan has blinded you to them, then it is my prayer for you that your eyes would be opened and that you will make the right decision before your time is up.

    With Ultimate Love and the Hope For A Change in Your Eternal Life,

    Pastor Brad Komgenick

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