The Circle


I recently read a great book that is about to become a major motion picture called The Circle.  Without giving away any spoilers, the story is about a young women who finally gets a job at the most popular technology company in the world.  They challenge her to wear a camera at all times, 24/7, so that fans of the company can see everything she does all day long.

This means that every conversation she has, everything she does, no matter where she is at is being recorded and then made available for anyone to view online at any time.  Needless to say, having her life on display for everyone to see leads to a lot of trouble for this young lady and then a lot of soul searching.

Surprisingly enough the company CEO tells her that if everyone wore cameras all the time and let everyone see their lives with no restrictions at all, then every person would be the best they could be, and things like crime and violence would end.

What do you think?  Do you think that wearing a camera and putting your entire life on a screen for people to watch everything that you do would make you be the best person you could be?  Do you think that having someone watch you constantly would make you stop doing bad things like lying, cheating, stealing, hurting other peoples feelings, etc?

Well I can answer that for you if you are a Christian.  The answer is absolutely not.  Why?  Well please never forget that when you accepted Christ as your Savior that God came to live inside you as The Holy Spirit and has never left your side for a single minute since then, so in reality, God is with you 24/7 already.  Knowing this, has that stopped you from sinning?  No.  You still sin, I still sin, we all still sin, and that is with God Himself watching everything we do.

Each time we tell a lie, God asks us, “What are you doing that for?”  Every time we hurt other people, God asks us, “What did you do that for?”  God has our very lives in His hand, and yet we never seem to think about that before we do what we do.

So do you think that having people watch you, then comment on what you are doing to the entire world might make you think twice about what you do?  What if you knew these people would message your boss and tell them what you were doing when they saw you lie to someone or steal something from work like a pack of printer paper or some pens?  What if these people would tell your spouse that you were watching pornography while you were away on business travel?  What if your company hired a doctor to watch what you ate and would call you when you ate poorly so that they could keep their insurance rates down by keeping you healthy?  Would you still do what you do?

It’s kind of funny as many people I spoke with flat out told me that they would rather God see them and not people because God would forgive them, but people would ruin their lives!!  So what does that tell you about the value people put on their relationships with other people over God?

Where do you stand?  Do you care that God sees you sinning?  Do you go to great lengths to hide your sins from others or do you do what the Bible teaches and confess your sins to others?

Let me encourage you to think about this very seriously because it is a very real situation that mostly exists today.  You cannot step out of your house without being captured on a camera somewhere.  Also never forget that God never leaves your side and sees everything you do.

How will reading this change your life?  Let me know in the comments below.

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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