Facebook Live “The Circle” Discussion – Thursday @7:30

The-Cirlcethe circle movie

I hope that you will join me LIVE this Thursday on Facebook as we discuss the new movie “The Circle” from the Christians point of view.  Why are we discussing this particular movie?

There are many reasons for sure.  I have never had a book affect me on more of a personal level (besides the Bible of course) than this book has.  Why is that?  Well I do not want to spoil anything at all about the book or movie, so I will do my best to talk around the details.

This movie will force you to think about your life in many different ways.  Things like, “Would I be willing to do what Mae (the movies main character played by Emma Watson) does?”  “It seems so very much like this would just be awesome if it were to come true, but would it really be?”  “Would this utterly change my life, and if so, in a good way?”  “Do I love God as much as I think I do?”  “How much time I spend caring about what others think of me?”  The questions could go on for hours!

It is hard to discuss here without spoiling, so I won’t spoil.  What I can tell you is that I have had this very discussion with around 5 different church groups that I am a part of and every single one of them provoked people into many different emotions and it made for some of the best conversation I have had in a long time.  I  want to share this with you as well, so please try to join me this Thursday.  Please tell as many people as you can about this.  They do not have to be Christian in the least.  I am not going to be preaching in the least.  This will simply be a discussion about what happens in the movie and how a Christian should view their lives in light of what happens.

Let me also give you a teaser – what happens in this movie is ACTUALLY already happening today but to a much lesser scale!  You will have to join me to find out what I’m refering to.

If you join me this Thursday at 7:30 Eastern Time on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/brad.komgenick) you will be able to join in on the conversation and play along as well.

I’m looking forward to it and we warn you now that we will be spoiling some aspects of the movie but not all – after all the ending is truly something you have to see with your own eyes to believe!

See you Thursday at 7:30 on my Facebook page!  Please tell as many people as possible because I guarantee you will still be taking about this movie long after my discussion is over!

Bring your open mind and a willingness to be made mad, agitated, perturbed, humbled, and in the end your very Christian life will be examined!   See you on Thursday at 7:30!

May God Bless!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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