“No One Ever Spoke Like This Man!”


When Jesus spoke there was always a definitive purpose to His words.  No one knows  their audience better than Jesus, and in the Bible, you can count on the fact that whenever Jesus was speaking, there was something to be learned.

John 7:46 teaches that some Roman officers came back from listening to Jesus talk with the intent of catching Him breaking the laws so that they could arrest him, but when they came back, all they said was, “No one ever spoke like this man!”  How true they were in saying this!

Today so many people that Jesus no longer speaks to us, but they are wrong.  You need look no further than your Bible to see how Jesus speaks to us still today.  In fact, some Bibles ever put His words in red text to call them out as the most important words in the book.

Oh yes, Jesus still speaks today and every day to those who truly want to hear Him.  But it takes a purposeful action on our part to hear Him.  We first have to drown out all of the noise in our fast paced, always busy lives buy turning our phones and televisions off.  We must then grab our Bibles and get a place of serenity so that truly focus on what Jesus is trying to say to us.  I always encourage people to make time in the mornings for their special time with Jesus.  This allows you to share your thoughts for the upcoming day with Him instead of telling Him how your day went in the evenings.

Next you must always have a pen and paper with you.  When Jesus speaks, it is ALWAYS worth taking notes on, trust me.

Finally before you start reading His Word, you should pray a little prayer and ask Jesus to open your mind and heart to whatever He wants to say to you.

Having done all of this, you have made it clear to Jesus that you are serious about hearing from Him, therefore you can guarantee that He will want to speak to you directly through His words in the Bible.

Jesus was never afraid to speak His mind.  This was not just because He is God and has no ramifications for His words.  Instead Jesus never missed an opportunity to teach others about what they needed to learn.  He looked the top religious leaders of His day right in the eyes and called them blind to correct ways to live.  He overturned a bankers table when he saw it inside the temple where it did not belong.  Many times we see that as Jesus began speak, it was not long before crowds of people began to gather to hear Him speak.

“No man ever spoke like this man!”  Amen!  Isn’t it time that you decided to listen to Him?  Jesus is with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and yet how often do you allow Him to speak to you?  His is waiting to tell you His will for your life – He is waiting to help you with all of your worries and sorrows – He is waiting to tell you how to handles all of the stresses that life brings without ever resorting to taking a single drug!!!!

I hear a lot of people tell me that they are just too busy during the week to read the Bible and besides they go to church on Sundays and the Pastor reads them the “important things” in the Bible and saves them the time of having to weed out the things that are no longer important to us.  After I pick my chin up from the floor, I kindly remind them that every word in the Bible is good for rebuking and teaching and uplifting the reader.  There is not a single wasted word in the Bible – every “Therefore” has a reason it is there for!!!

It is my prayer for you that you will begin to make the time to listen to Jesus every day.  He has so very much to share with you, yet you must actively seek Him out and agree to listen to Him and then agree to act upon what he tells you.  Let me ask you this – how much do you like it when someone ignores you day after day but then wants your full attention when something goes wrong in their life?  Well that is what far too many people do to Jesus.  We must long to be with Jesus during both the sunshine and the rain.

So no more excuses!  Close down your phone – shut off the TV – pick up your Bible and pen and paper and let the very Creator of everything speak to you as He never has before.  I guarantee your life will change in ways you never dreamed of.

With great love and hope for your future,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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