Where Is The King?


At your routine doctors checkup the doctor tells you to sit down because he has some news for you – what you thought was a bad cough turns out to be cancer.  Where is the King?

You get the midnight call that your spouse just passed away during a horrific vehicle accident.  Where is the King?

You get the news, for the 10th time in a row, that you did not land the job you desperately needed in order to continue to pay the rent.  Where is the King?

Where is the King?  This is a question every person will ask at one time or another in their lives.  It does not always have to be during dire circumstances.  It can be in the middle of a break up, or a series of bad days at work.  Any number of things can send us off in a frantic search for the King.

The fact is, we will never find the King during a frantic search.  We will never find the King by trying harder, or being better.  We will never discover the King at a destination – we will only find the King in a relationship.

Where is the King?  How do we find Him?  We find Him as we live through our lives and often times struggle through it while the King walks right beside us.  That’s right, the King is now and has always been standing beside you when he is not outright carrying you through the trials of life.

Have you ever been searching for the King in your own life?  Have you ever strived to arrive at a destination where you just knew the King would be only to find He was not there?  Are you exhausted and convinced that it is your destiny to never find the King?  Maybe the King doesn’t even really exist at all?

The key to finding the King is to realize that the King is not waiting for us at some destination.  The King is not waiting for us to be “good enough” or “rich enough” or “popular enough” – not even “religious enough.”  The King is not waiting for us to be perfect.  In fact, the King is only waiting for one simple thing.  What is that thing?

For you to talk to Him.  Our King longs to know us and be known by us.  But this must happen by our own free will.  Our King will never force Himself on us.  By the way, our King is also not some genie in a bottle who appears when you rub the lamp, usually only during your time of need.  Our King is a King who is not at our beckon call.

Our King walks beside us patiently and guards us from all manner of horrific things.  Sure bad things still happen to us, but He feels just as we do when they happen to us and He waits patiently for us to turn to Him for help.

Please stop your frantic and hopeless search for a King that you think is someplace far away from you.  Instead, look within!  Look at your life and decide if you have the proper relationship with the King.  If you do, then you need look no further than right beside you to find the King!

Focus on your relationship with the King instead of focusing on your problems and you will find that you never lose sight of the King!

We have the most AWESOME King there ever was or ever will be.  He longs for us to call to Him every single day – through the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, through the wrongs and the rights, every day and every night.

Call to the King and He will answer!

With great love and hope that you may never lose sight of the King!!

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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