Tell Her So


We here at God’s Light Christian Counseling are on a mission.  This mission we see as coming directly from God in answer to a crisis that is currently eating away at our nation.  What is the crisis:  Where Have All The Strong, Godly Christen Men Gone???????

In an effort to help my fellow brothers in Christ, I will be offering a series of posts here on the blog that will outline exactly what God meant when He commanded men to be the strong, Godly, spiritual leaders of their families.  I have counseled far too many couples whose marriage is about to break apart because the men chose not to take their wedding vows seriously and they started taking their wives for granted.  I have also counseled far too many children who tell me that their Dad’s are just a little too busy to pay any attention to them.

This must stop! We need for men to step up and take God’s command to us seriously!  So let me help.  What does it mean to be a man after God’s own heart like David was called in the Bible?  What can we possibly do to become the spiritual leaders of our families?

Tonight we will start with a simple poem that, within its words, tells men exactly how they should start rebuilding their marriages.

Men please read this slowly, meditate on it, then DO IT!!!!!


Amid the Cares of Married Life,
In Spite of Life’s Trials and Business’s Strife,
If You Value Your Precious Wife,

There Was A Time You Thought It Bliss,
To Receive From Her A Precious Kiss,
A Dozen From Her Now You Should Not Miss,

Do Not Act As If She’s Past Her Prime,
As Thought To Please Her Is Some Crime,
If Ever You Loved Her, Now Is The Time To,

You Are Hers and Hers Alone,
And You Know She Is Your Own,
There Is Nothing More Precious In Your Home, So,

Never Let Her Heart Grow Cold,
Richer Beauties Will Unfold,
She Is Worth Her Weight In Gold, So,

Men do you remember what it was like to see your wife come down the aisle on your wedding day?  She was absolutely the most beautiful thing you had ever seen.  Guess what?  She still is!   TELL HER SO!!!

Your prestigious job title, your expensive car, your money – NONE OF THEM LOVE YOU LIKE YOUR WIFE DOES!  Men, if your priorities are out of whack – TELL HER SO!  Confess to your wife that somehow other things gained top priority in your life, BUT NO MORE!  God will always take first place, but YOU MUST let your wife know that next to God, she is number one in your life.  Then after you share these words with her, you must then let your actions speak for you.  Treat her like she is number one.

If you know of a man, any man Christian or not, that needs to read this message, won’t you please pass this on to them?  I want nothing more than to stop counseling all married people!   Men, it is time to take our place as the strong, Godly, spiritual leaders of our families.  I will not stop until all men realize this and start taking action to make it better.  If you will stay with me throughout this series of messages, you will have every tool you need to please God by keeping His command to us.

With hopeful prayers that all men that need to read this find their way here to this message,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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