Love What Matters


Want to forget about your problems for awhile?  Want to cry tears of joy instead of tears of anguish and pain?  Want to have your faith in humanity restored?  Want to be shown proof that there is still plenty of good left in the world?  What proof that God exists and is there for us and loves us?

Then might I suggest you read “Love What Matters.”  For years I have been visiting the LOVEWHATMATTERS.COM website whenever I needed to recharge my faith in humanity and now they have produced a book of some of their best work.

I cannot recommend this book enough if you are feeling down or blue or sad or depressed.  The pictures and stories within this book are little treasures that God is sharing with us through the lives of others.

For example, there is a picture in the book of a mother crying behind what appears to be a perfectly normal young boy who is playing on an iPad and laying on a sleeping dog.  Why would the mother be crying?  Well it turns out he son has autism and her son, no matter how hard they have tried, would never let anyone touch him or hug him.  They received Tornado the dog as an autism service dog and immediately the boy laid down on the dog all by himself and it was a miracle breakthrough for him.  I wept when I saw this this picture when just minutes earlier I saw the picture and it had no effect on me.

This is also a great reminder that we never truly know what is going on in others lives.  What seems normal to us can be extremely difficult for others.  This is why Jesus teaches us to serve others before ourselves, just as He did.  The God of the world bowed down and washed the feet of the men who would go on to deny they even knew Him in His greatest time of need.  Yet even after that Jesus took them to Himself and promised them they would change the world, and they did!!!

Men, as part of my series about “Where Have All The Godly Men Gone?” I challenge you to read this book and them do an emotional inventory.  If you are able to read this book and not be moved, you must seek counsel immediately.  If you read this book and are somewhat moved by it, then there is still hope for you emotionally.  These are real stories of real people told with the sole purpose of lifting your spirits.  This book would be an awesome thing to sit and read with your wife and children.  The pictures alone will move you, but it is the stories inside that will inspire you to be all God challenges you to be.

Enjoy this book as I have and then when you are done, pass the book on to someone else who need uplifted, who needs their faith restored.  Then thank God for these amazing stories meant to show us what it is to be in tune with our emotions.

May God be with you and your family as you share this treasure with each other and grow together spiritually and emotionally,

Pastor Brad Komgenick

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