Warning – Common Sense and Biblical Truth Ahead – Welcome To Rome



Right now in our world it does not take a scholar to see that life is hard and getting harder by the minute.  Satan is winning a war for the minds and hearts of all people and he is doing so under the disguise of love, peace, and tolerance when in fact, it is hate he is spreading.

I understand that the majority of people today are demanding tolerance for every lifestyle and religion that exists.  “Hey as long as it does not affect me, go for it” is the mantra of the day.  After all, it is intolerant to not let people worship or live as they please, right?  Ahem, remember when we used to have “Christmas” parties and remember when God was allowed in schools back in the day when there was no school shootings?  Where is the tolerance for being a Christian?  Oh I forgot, satan does not want us talking about Jesus, unless we want to remove Him from history.  Sorry satan, the Bible has existed for thousands of years and no one has been able to remove it from history.  Nice try though!  By the way, they will always be Christmas parties to me and if that offends you, then it is your right to not come to my Christmas party!!

What folly it is that so few people read the Bible, because if they did, they would see and understand what happened to Rome, the worlds most powerful nation at the time, when they, just like we are now, began accepting anything and everything into their culture.  Rome fell.  Like the Titanic whom everyone said was unsinkable, Rome was easily taken over by a much smaller barbarian tribe simply because everyone in Rome was so absorbed with themselves and allowed anything to happen in their country that the Barbarians simply walked in and took over from inside Rome.

Ever heard the term “history repeats itself?”  Welcome to modern day Rome.

Common sense is the least common thing there is today.  May I offer an example?

I recently saw a form in a government office that I had to fill out and on the form, under the “Sex” question, my options were – Male, Female, Unknown, Both.

Unknown?  Both??  What??  If you think that you fall into the unknown or both category then you have much bigger problems than you know.  Folks, God does not make mistakes – man does.  God created you – you did not create you.  In fact, God calls you, “His perfect creation” in the Bible.  God either created you as a man or a woman – not both or unknown.  In fact its pretty easy to tell what you are from the second you are born.  It is even written on your birth certificate right there for you.  No common sense whatsoever.

“But what about the people who were born a man but were meant to be a woman?”  Are you saying that God meant for you to be a woman but God messed up?  Sorry, that doesn’t hold water because God does not and has not ever made a mistake.  It is our world that tells us, “go ahead and change your sex if you want to = HEY, ANYTHING GOES!”  Welcome to Rome.  If you wonder where our invaders will come from, let me tell you, they will come from within, just as they did in Rome.  I’m not calling transgender people the invaders here, I am simply stating the obvious, when we allow absolutely anything and everything into our nation and then stand for nothing because it might offend someone, well, welcome to Rome!!

Folks, life is hard.  To get through, you have to be willing to be a servant leader.  You must put others needs before your own, and you must be willing to take a stand for what is right.  Here is some truth for you – either everything in the Bible is truth or none of it is.  There is no middle ground.  You cannot say, “I totally believe in Jesus and everything He stands for, but as far as being gay goes, that is in no way a sin.”  Sorry, I hate to break it to you, but the Bible calls it a sin.  It is no worse a sin than lying, cheating, or stealing, but it is still a sin nonetheless.  Again, either all the Bible is truth or none of it is.  Let me help you with this decision – all of it is true.

Now I realize this view is totally unpopular and many will call it intolerant and I bet I even get some “hate” emails over it, but that’s ok, I’m not ashamed of my God and I know what His Word says and I believe it 100%.  Let me be the first to say – you are right about it being intolerant.  The Bible tells us to never be tolerant to anything God calls sin.  I no more condone lying or cheating or stealing than I do being gay.  A sin is a sin is a sin.  You see, if you condone being gay, then lying is ok too.  So is cheating.  So is killing others.  God Himself called them all sin, therefore they are sin.  Period.  You can paint it in  any light that you like – “Gay people should be allowed to love whom they want.  Who are you to force them into a lifestyle they abhor?”  I’m not forcing anyone to do anything – that is not my place.  I am not judging anyone here either.  I am simply pointing out that the Bible calls it a sin.  God’s Words, not mine.

Now let me give you some common sense here.  We are told to hate the sin, but not the sinner.  I do not now nor will I ever wish any harm to come to any gay person ever!!  I in no way hate gay people.  I mean this with all my being.  Nor do I wish harm to any liar, cheater, or thief.  There in fact are many gay people who attend my church and sit next to me and I worship with them as I would anyone else.  I love them just as I do all people, the difference is, I pray for them to repent of the sin and turn back to God.  I do the same for liars, cheaters, and thieves, and folks, I count myself among the sinners.  If I did not, I would be a hippocrit.  I have lied before and will lie again I am sure.  Again the difference is, when I catch myself doing it, I feel absolutely horrible about it, I repent of it, I go try to make it right with the person I lied to, and I ask God for forgiveness.  These are the steps God calls for from the people who love Him and accept Jesus as their Savior.

Why did I write this when I knew it would be controversial?  Well because I felt moved to say something about this because as a Pastor and a Christian Counselor, but more importantly as a follower of Jesus Christ, I feel like I owe it to you to be truthful with you.  We all sin and fall short of the the Glory of God.  That is why Jesus, a perfect, sinless soul, died for us.  I feel like I owe Jesus everything for giving His life for me.  As well, I want every single person on Earth to be in Heaven.  Jesus said He did not want to lose a single soul and neither do I.  I’m 100% Team Jesus.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I am no better than anyone who professes to be gay.  I sin too, I freely admit.  But the sin must cause you to act – to repent – to move away from the sin to the best of your ability.  So please do not think I am some bigot, or racist, or intolerant “Jesus freak” as I am far from that.  What I am is a sinner saved by the grace of God – no more no less.  And friend, I want to share an eternity in a perfect Heaven, with perfect bodies, and worshipping the Perfect God who gave His life for us.

As well, I want nothing more than for our nation to wake up and realize that while God is extremely patient, satan roams like a roaring lion and he is doing his best to strike from within.  Folks, if absolutely everything is allowed, then nothing is considered wrong, and that will be our downfall.  Welcome to Rome!  May God help us to learn from the mistakes of the Romans and begin to take a stand for what is right – before it is too late to do so.

I welcome any and all comments to this article and you have my promise I will answer them all.  I have never shied away from standing up for Jesus and I will not start now.  Jesus died for me, the least I can do is lose some readers because the truth offended them.  I pray you will read this article and be moved to some form of action.  You can comment and call me names if you like and you feel that makes you feel better, or maybe you might reach out to someone who you know needs to read this to help them get a Biblical perspective on their lives, or maybe you will comment in a civilized manner and we can have a civilized discussion on this topic.  But if you read this and have no opinion one way or the other – welcome to Rome my friend.

With God’s Glory As My Purpose,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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