What’s Hidden In Your Bible?

hidden treasure of the Bible

A world of knowledge that’s what!  I know that so very often I will have read my Bible during my quiet time and come away feeling like I did not learn anything new during that time.  When that happens, it has to be because I did not do the real work that needs done when reading the Bible – we must be asking WHY if we are to find the real treasures God has placed within the Bible.  If you are bored reading the Bible, then you certainly are not READING the Bible.  You are looking at it in order to check off a task you have in your mind called “Read The Bible Because That’s What I Am Supposed To Do,” and that is no reason to read the Bible.  We read the Bible to grow closer to God and to be in a relationship with Him.

God wants people to WANT to learn about Him and His ways.  A quick skimming of the Bible will never get you to the REAL God.  You must want to go deeper.  You do not have to be a Pastor like me in order to this either, that’s the wonderful news.  God’s treasures are available to anyone with curiosity.

The Bible has so much truth, wisdom, loving examples, harsh examples, and spiritual growth opportunities that every single sentence you read can send you away with a greater understanding of God.

The Bible was written by real people, who wrote in a real time and place, who chose to include some things and leave some things out.  It is always up to us to remember that this is ALWAYS more going on than just the words written on page.  For the best Bible reading experience, we must transport ourselves to their time and place to get the most from the words.  Then we must take what we learned, enter our time machines, travel back to today and incorporate our learning into our lives.

Here is an example – remember when God asked Abraham to offer up his son as a sacrifice?  What does it tell us about Abraham and the world and time that he lived in that he did not ask for instructions on how to make the sacrifice?  Abraham just sets out to do it as if it were a very natural thing.  Have you ever pondered that aspect of this story before?

Want more examples?

What did Jesus write on the ground when he was asked if the women caught in adultery should be stoned?

And why did whatever He wrote on the ground and what He said cause the religious leaders to walk away?

Curiously, the older men walked away first before the younger men.  Why?

Why did John even include these details in his writing?

The answers to all of these questions is right in the Bible if you are willing to put in the work.  No I will not spoon feed you the answers!!  I spent many years in college to find them out myself and I can tell you, the answers are worth every minute you spend digging deeper into God’s Word.

I will share one amazing piece of information I dug up during my Bible archaeology that I found absolutely fascinating and one that I have never heard in a single sermon.  Sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed!


Whenever Jesus, the 12 Disciples, as well as the many other people who were following Him and listening to Him sat down to eat a meal, someone had to pay the bills.  We are never told that Jesus “fed the 5,000” every single time.  Therefore it stands to reason that Jesus would need considerable bank in order to eat day in and day out, right?

Ok the short answer is a woman did!!!  Can you believe it!!  A woman did!  but she was not just any woman.  Her name was Joanna.  Of course you know all about Joanna from the Bible right?  Of course not, especially if you have never gotten your shovels out and dug much deeper.  So let me enlighten you.

Joanna was the wife of Chuza.  You remember Chuza right?  You know who he is right?  Ok I know you don’t so I will tell you.  Chuza was the manager of Herod’s household as well as ALL OF HIS FINANCES!!!  This is the exact same Herod who tried to have Jesus killed as baby by ordering all babies under a certain age killed.  So Chuza was of course making large bucks working for Herod (the man who wants Jesus dead) and he was of course giving money to his wife.  She gets bored sitting around all day and hears of this Man who is teaching about a God who loves everyone, including women.  Joanna gathers up her money and goes to hear this Jesus.  She loves Him and what He teaches, so she offers to pay for all of the food!  So in essence – hold on to your hats – HEROD PAID FOR JESUS AND THE DISCIPLES TO EAT DAILY!!!!

M-I-N-D   B-L-O-W-N!!!!  How ironic right?   And that is exactly why it is in the Bible.  God will take the very person who is persecuting you and use them to your good!

Every page in the Bible is filled with this type of knowledge if only you give yourself over to it.  You simply cannot randomly open the Bible, read a chapter, and say you have grown deeper with God.  God expects and deserves more than that!

When you come across a word or a person’s name or a place that you do not know anything about – GOOGLE IT, look it up, get a Bible dictionary or Bible concordance and look it up!  You will be absolutely amazed at what you learn.

God created you!  God says “you are His perfect work!”  Can you not make just an hour a day to sit down with Him and talk about your life, who you need to be blessing, and then ask God to teach you about Him?  One hour is all I ask.  If you say you are too busy for that, then my friend, you will find that HE may be too busy for you when the storms come.  Do not be caught out in the storms without God to guide you.

Besides, you still need to find out what Jesus wrote in the sand right?

With prayerful love for you and your family,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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