“Lord Save Us!! We Are Going To Drown!”


In Matthew 8:25, we are shown a very dramatic scene where the Disciples and Jesus were in a boat after a long day and suddenly a great storm appeared and began to toss their boat all around.  Now we need to remember that over half of these men were fisherman and more than a few of them made their living as fishermen, so storms such as these were common to them.

This is telling us that this particular storm must have been one that truly scared even the most skilled fisherman.  This was a storm in their lives like none other and it was going to be a test for them for sure.  Would they pass?

Matthew 8:25 is a verse that truly backs up my personal philosophy that “whatever you focus on only gets bigger.”  If you focus only on your problems, or the storms in your life, they will get bigger and soon they will blot out the light in your life and stop you from thinking clearly.  But if you focus on Jesus, the very Creator of every thing that exists, then He will get bigger to you and no problem will ever get the best of you.

In this verse, even though Jesus was sleeping right in the boat with the men, they focused on the storm instead of Jesus, therefore it was the storm that took over their thoughts.  Here was Jesus who fed 5,000 people in a miracle, the same Jesus who brought Lazarus back to life from the dead.  They knew in their minds that there was nothing that Jesus could not overcome, yet since they were focusing only on the storm, they lost sight of all that Jesus had already done and would do for them in the future.

The Disciples woke Jesus and even asked Him if He no longer cared for them since He was going to let them die in this monster storm!  Jesus must have been thinking, “How is it that I can do all these awesome things right in front of these 12 men over and over and yet they still have no clue who I truly am?”   Well we know Jesus better than that, don’t we/  He never got angry with them and used every moment like this as a teaching moment.

Jesus simply replied to them, “You of little faith!  Why are you so afraid?” and then He quieted the storm with but a few words.  Then Matthew 8:26 tells us, “Then there was a great calm.”

Isn’t that always the way with Jesus towards us?  If we choose to focus on Jesus instead of our problems, in faith and total trust in Him, then we will experience a great calm right in the middle of our worst storms.

Job choose this same path.  With absolutely everything going wrong around him, Job made it a point to tell God that he would never turn his back on God.  God blesses this type of faith every single time, just as Job’s entire situation was turned around for his betterment.

Friend, the storms in life will certainly come.  Bad times will happen, and bad things will happen and there simply is nothing you can do about them as they are out of your control.  So I ask you – where will you choose to focus when these storms come?

Will you focus on yourself and kick and scream and try to get through them within your own power?  Or will you instead look up and turn your face to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and simply ask Him to bring His peace upon your life to get you through the storm?  If you ask in true faith, He will bring that peace without fail every time, no matter what the storm is.  He promises to do this and that means you can count on it since Jesus has never broke a single promise He ever made, nor will He.

It is my prayer for you that when the storms come and they seem as if they will never end, and you in your own power can seem to do nothing to help yourself, I beg you to change your focus and put it on The One who loves you like no other because He created you and simply ask Him to put His peace upon you as you have no power to help yourself.  He will!

With love and hope for your future strength during the storms,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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