A Talk on Free Will


“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” –John 15:13

Sometimes life is going to throw you some curve balls, we all know that.  God tells us it rains on the just and the unjust as well.  Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.  This all comes with the free will that God gives us all.  It is that free will that I would like to talk about this evening.

Each and every day we make choices about what we will and will not do.  We have that right because God gave it to us, not because we are owed it, or because we deserve it, or because our Constitution gives us that right.  God, in His infinite wisdom, decided He wanted His greatest creation to love Him for who He is and not because He makes us, so He gave us free will to choose what we will do, say, and think.

A study in a scientific journal I read for college stated this: “The average person makes over 2 million decisions each and every day.  Yet only about 2 percent of those decisions are made consciously.  For example, you do not decide that you need to breathe, you just do.  You often drive home and have little to no memory of doing so because you have done it so many times you manage to do it on ‘auto-pilot”.  So even though we have free will, what science tells us is we certainly do not exert our free will very often with thoughtfulness.

This evening, we got to see that free will in action.  Someone made the clear and decisive choice to drive their car through the middle of people who were protesting on behalf of white supremacists in Charlottesville.  Now I really do not care where you stand on the political spectrum, it does not matter – left, right, black, white, purple, green, red, or yellow – color of your skin does not matter either.  What matters is actions like this make it clear that we are moving farther and farther away from God each and every day with the choices we make consciously.

So it is time that I make a choice of my own – I’m going to lay down some truth here that is going to offend pretty much everyone who reads it in one way or the other.  But it needs to be said.  Someone needs to start speaking truth before it is too late.  Hate is taking this country by storm and only someone who really doesn’t care about what other people think or worry about hurting others feelings when they say something because they are trying to fight for the greater good,  can start a movement to bring back good old common sense.  I feel God is asking me to help with this movement, so here we go:

Not all Democrats are evil, stupid, godless, or have no morals.  As well, not all Republicans are evil, stupid, godless, or have no morals.  When it comes to politics, the ignorant person is the person who pulls the “party line” ticket because they feel the “other side” are evil, stupid, godless people with no morals.  This just is not true and you do not have the facts to prove it.  This type of thinking is right in line with biggoted, racial, ignorant thinking like “crime is all caused by black people”, or “All Asians are better at math than Americans”, or “All females belong in the home making dinner for their husbands”.  This is trash thinking and it needs to stop.  We have more information at our fingertips today than we ever have had in our history.  With that said, why are we so doggone dumb all the time and say and do stupid things like this?  Just go to any social media site right now and you will find people saying, “All Democrats are ignorant and got us into the mess we are currently in.”  You will also see just as many people saying, “All Republicans are ignorant, war mongering, money loving fools.”  Folks, anytime you use the word “all” when referring to any group of people, you are WRONG.  PERIOD.  STOP IT!!!

For example, there have been hundreds and hundreds of Democrats who held office over the years who stand firmly against abortion.  The voting records in the Senate clearly show this, but in today’s society who bothers to check the facts when we can just make up whatever facts prove the point we are trying to make?

Another example for you:  there have been hundreds of Republicans over the years who have voted to strengthen welfare because they understand that there are people who actually need it because of sudden medical conditions and other viable reasons.  The truth is people, not everyone on welfare uses the money to buy beer and drugs and are lazy and do not want to work.  In fact, if you do away with welfare, you will put a lot of war veterans on the streets because they depend on that money because they can no longer work due to injuries sustained during the line of duty.  But you know how it is, ALL people on welfare are lazy, uneducated people who do not want to work even though they could.”  Tell that to Staff Sgt. Loomis who lost both legs and one arm to a mine in Iraq and see what kind of reaction you get.

Here are some other “earth shattering” facts for you:  women are incredibly intelligent and should be making the same amount of money as men for doing the same jobs at the same level.  For that fact, so should blacks, Asians, Latinos, etc.  If a person is qualified to do a job, and they demonstrate that they can do the job well, pay them for it please.  Exert your free will and make sure we have people payed well for the work they do, regardless of the body God gave them.  Can I just also say here that it is just stupid that policemen, firemen, and teachers are paid so poorly.  A man who can throw a football on Sunday afternoon can make more than 20 policemen do in a year.  Trust me, the first time your home gets vandalized you will call the police before you call Tom Brady.  All of these professions, and many more, put their lives on the line every day for people and get little to no respect or appreciate, and even less pay than those they help.  It is a travesty.  And please do not tell me, “Well thats what the market will bear, and they chose that profession – no one is making them do it.”  If thats you saying that, then I pray God works on your hardened heart before it is too late.

Ok while I’m on a roll here, this is going to offend many people in todays society but folks its time for common sense to rule on this one.  No one else will say it, so I will.  If you are confused about what sex you are, there is a sure fire way to tell – drop your pants and take inventory of the parts God gave you.  Folks, your sex is in no way “fluid”.  If you go to bed tonight with a penis, I will guarantee you that you will wake up with the exact same penis in the morning.  Oh and it works the exact same with vaginas as well!  God was very consistent on that fact.  Where in the Bible do you read that God changed a man to a woman, or vice versa, because He clearly felt He made an error?  You DON’T because He DIDN’T!!!

Look people, God does not make mistakes.  If God made you a man, your a man.  You can cut away all of the parts that make you a man and take female hormones but at the end of the day you will still be a man who looks more like a woman than you do a man, which will only continue to confuse you and everyone around you.  I reiterate, God does not make mistakes.  But if you decide to change your sex, then your telling God directly, “You made a mistake with me.  I was born a man but I should have clearly been a woman because I love men, so I am going to fix your mistake.”  Good luck explaining that one to Jesus when you stand before Him two seconds after the angels deliver you to Him after you die!!!  Look, I’m not judging anyone and I am not saying anyone is going to go to hell for making mistakes.  That is God’s job not mine.  All I am saying is, we have messed our world up so much with our free will that people no longer even think they know what sex they are!!!

God is just as grieved by our current world as many of us are right now.  This is no where near how God meant for us to be living.  We were in a perfect garden, with the perfect relationship with Him, but of course with our free will we chose to go our own way instead of choosing God first, and every time we do that we get our best and not His best.  People – our best sucks at best!!  God’s best is always better than we can ever dream of!!

The devil has the United States right where he wants it – confused and angry.  This is the exact same place Rome was in when it was easily taken over by the Barbarians.  Rome began allowing anything and everything to be legal within their borders.  If you wanted to worship 1,000 gods, hey that’s your right, just don’t push it on me.  Today, it’s ok to be born a white woman but tell everyone that you relate more to being a black man so please treat me as such.  What????

The more satan gets people to be constantly confused and angry, then there is less and less a chance that common sense will prevail.  Anything goes today just as it did in Rome.  That makes it incredibly easy for anyone with a plan to walk right in the front door and take over the entire country without trying really hard at all.  Everyone is so confused and so busy trying not to “offend” anyone that they cannot see what is happening to them right before their very eyes!

I opened this rant with John 15:13 and I will now repeat it here for you again:

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” –John 15:13

Who would you lay down your life for right this minute if you were given the choice to?  Jesus did this for every single person who will ever live.  He paid for all of the wrongs that I have done, am doing, and will ever do.  And He did it for you as well.  This same Jesus tells us that even though He paid the price for our sins and actions, there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES for them.  Folks, welcome to the consequences.  Look around you, and you can physically see the consequences.  Our world is simply a mess in almost every facet.

There is a pattern that I hope you have noticed in all this mess as well.  Where the mess is the worst, God is absent.  Over the past 4 years, school shootings have been on the rise.  God was removed from schools a long time ago along with prayer.  Where God is not welcome, satan quickly moves in for the kill.  Our government, which was originally put in place as a “checks and balances” system to ensure that no one like the King of England would ever abuse their power over the people again is simply a place that has lost all credibility due to its own abuses against the people.  Oh and God is no longer welcome in government buildings or proceedings.  Well when they swear in Presidents, they still put their hand on the Bible but thats only for show.  Again, you need only look at our system of government to see satan doing his best work today.  There are clearly divided “sides” and both sides will never agree with the other on anything going forward.  And the money that gets wasted on horrific attack ads for campaigns could feed our starving people in America for years.

Where God is absent or not welcome, satan moves in for the kill.

Eve actually listened to a talking snake over God.  A TALKING SNAKE PEOPLE!!!  No common sense at all, just like America today.

Ok I’ve gone on long enough.  I just have gotten far too many nonsense questions recently about how to be “politically correct in order not to offend anyone” that my head started hurting.  Folks your not living right unless you offend some people some times.  We are called as Christians to call out our brothers and sisters in love when we see them hurting themselves or others.  This is not judging others, it is simply what Jesus modeled for us all throughout the Bible.  For example, if I started taking illegal drugs in front of my children and started beating my wife and I told you I was doing this and I loved doing it, Jesus EXPECTS you (and so would I) to call me out on that horrific behavior – and it is for my own good and the good of those around me.  There is nothing wrong with helping people who have lost their way.  It is not politically incorrect to stop someone from hurting or killing themselves or others.  In fact, in God’s eyes, it is wrong NOT to call them out on it.

Jesus hates the sin, but loves the sinner.  I do not hate gays, transgender people, bi-people, straight people, men, women, clowns, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Parts Members, blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, dogs, cats, romance films, or anything or anyone actually.  What I really cannot stand though is the level in which people go to in order to get others to agree with them that their deviant, sinful behavior is ok with them.  I would not hand you a bottle of liquor if you were an alcoholic.  That would be celebrating your sin instead of helping you to overcome it.  Therefore, when God says that homosexuality is a sin, then I cannot agree with that lifestyle.  You have the free will to chose it, but I also have the free will NOT to condone it.  So just as you might fell the need to fight for that acceptance, I have the same free will to not give that acceptance based on my relationship with God.  But folks, neither of us has the right to hurt the other in any way over our beliefs.

Tonight when that idiot ran their car through the white supremacists group, they were dead wrong in doing so and there needs to be severe consequences for their actions.  Do I condone white supremacists groups?  Hell no!!!  But God gave them the free will to chose what they believe in just as I have free will to peacefully oppose them.  Now also do not get me wrong, of they become violent themselves with their protests then as citizens we have the right to defend ourselves in the same physical manner.  But it should never have to come to that.  We are a civilized (or at least we used to be) nation where thought and feelings are valued.  It is ok for people to think differently than we do.  God gave them their right.  Stop with the idiotic violence, name calling, slandering, bullying, and violence just because you do not get your way or someone says something you do not believe in.

It’s time we started laying down our lives for others as Jesus intends us to rather than cutting others down.  We need to stop accepting every crazy idea as “truth” as well.  If we do not where will the madness stop?  Will people marrying animals or machines be next?  Will it be ok to run people over because they don’t like the same sports team as we do?  It has to end somewhere and it begins to end when brave people start standing up for God and Jesus and stop putting up with people who have given up and sold out to satan’s lies and promises of the perfect life.

Sorry to go on and on here, but I am passionate about people.  I bend over backwards to help my fellow man in any way I can.  It is why I became a pastor and a counselor.  But I cannot be the only one who sees this stupidity happening all around us right?  Or am I truly the insane one, and everyone else is quote “normal”?  You tell me!  That’s what the comment section below is for.  Here is your chance to let me have it if you feel I’m wrong.  I’m big enough to take your thoughts and feelings and I hope you will share them with me.  I am always up for educated debates.  Any name calling or threats though and you will be banned immediately.  That simply means your not using your brain to think through and your letting your emotions speak for you and that never does anyone any good.

I look forward to what you have to say.  I simply feel like there are way too few people who find what is going on today a problem.  I want to hear from like minded people as well who as just as fed up as I am.

Let the comments commence!

With love,

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling



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