Why Won’t God Fix My Marriage?

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That’s a great question!  Many couples in trouble feel that since God wanted them to get married in the first place, why on Earth is God not doing anything to help save their marriage?

Well the answer is pretty simple – God did not cause the problems you are experiencing, and God is not about just zapping you and fixing your problems.  Never has been – never will be.

In fact, if there are a million easy ways to fix something and one hard way that will help us to grow, God prefers you take the hard way.  Every problem we face is an opportunity for spiritual growth in our lives – an opportunity to grow in our relationships with God and with others.

Marriage issues are no different.  Your marriage problems did not just occur over night.  It has taken years to get to where you are now and the truth is it is going to take a long time to get back out again.  And here is more truth – God wants you to do the hard work in order to restore your marriage.  This often means looking inwardly at yourself and dealing with your inner demons before you can actually begin work on the marriage itself.

God never wants you to have issues or problems in your marriage.  God sits back and watches us ignore each other, yell at each other, blame each other, point fingers, yell, scream, throw things, and just overall make a mess of our marriages.  God will also work to help you with your marriage but only AFTER you commit to doing your part.

“God helps those who help themselves” is a quote that is NOT in the Bible, yet there is a bit of truth in it.  God is waiting for you to tell Him what you intend to do to help with your marriage issues and then He will further wait to see if you meant what you said and put your words into actions.  Once you begin to act, God will soon follow.

So the teaching and wisdom I have for you is this – if you are currently experiencing marriage issues and you want God to help, then I advise you to first seek counseling for yourself so that you can understand why you are acting the way you are.  Then you and your spouse can come together in marriage counseling as a couple to begin working on your issues together.  Finally, tell God what you intend to do, then do it.

God blesses hard work.  The Bible is chock full of examples of this and our marriages are included in that.  Get yourself right – put together a plan to get help for your marriage – then follow the directions of the counselor/pastor/person who is offering you the help.  Then you can rest assured that God will work in both you and your spouse in mighty ways to help cement and secure your marriage.

If you are currently experiencing issues with your marriage and you are seeking Christian Counseling, then we pray you will reach out to us and let us begin to help you get your marriage back to the way it was from day one.  Our unique, private, and convenient video counseling sessions will offer you the help you need when you need it.  Call today to secure a spot on our calendars, and remember your first session is always free, and that is to ensure that we will be a good fit for you.  Call us today, and may God Bless you and your family.

Brad Komgenick
Executive Counselor and CEO
God’s Light Christian Counseling

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