What Do You See?

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“If what you see is ALL you see then you will never see all their is to see!”

Think on this sentence for a little bit because it can be confusing to some, especially new Christians.  The message here is – “You need to walk by faith in what you cannot see instead on only believing and rely on what you do see.”

No we cannot see Jesus on this Earth, but there will be a day when, as a person who accepts Jesus Christ as your personal Savior due to His work on the cross, then you will see Him face to face one day.  But that takes stretching your faith muscle every single day.  It is not a one time and I’m good forever type of thing.

Our faith will only grow if we exercise it.  That means that if I were to meet you in person and I asked you, “So how can I tell that you are a Christian?” what would your answer be?

“Well I attend church and am in a small group.”  Hmmm. Is that what Jesus modeled for us?  If I sit in my garage and wear auto parts, does that make me a car?  No.  Does sitting in church and hearing the sermons and listening to the sermons and nothing more make me a Christian?  No.

We all must be taking actions to put God’s Word into action in our lives.  Jesus prayed daily as he knew He cherished His time with the Father.  Jesus helped others often in countless ways – with words of encouragement, blessings, teachings, but most of all He spent time with them.

Let me ask you – who will be in Heaven because of something you said to them that led them to Christ?  Whose life are you making more blessed by being a part of it?  Who could call you at 3:00 am and you would talk with them no matter what?  How are you working to make the community you live in better?

These are questions you should be asking yourself daily as a test to see if Jesus is making a difference in your life?  If the answer is “no” then pray for strength from Jesus and the peace that He gives us that goes beyond all human comprehension and He will give it to us.  Jesus tells us, “You do not have because you do not ask..”  What a powerful statement.

Here is something else to think about – you already own all of the blessings Jesus offered to us.  The question is have you accepted them and are you using them.

As the holidays approach, let me remind you that there are countless ways to bless others without ever spending a time.  Utmost of these is giving people your time.  Time is the most precious resource you have and when you share it with others, they truly feel loved and blessed.  Sit down with someone elderly and let them speak to you.  You might be suprised what you learn.  Take the time to just sit with your children and let them teach you things about them.  They love to teach us.  Make the extra effort to do more for your spouse who is more than likely feeling overwhelmed and overworked.  Take time to just talk to a homeless person because I can assure you, no one else is.  Jesus never shied away from the poor, down trodden, and homeless.  In fact He gravitated to them because it was they who needed Him the most.

What do you see?  Step out of your life, make an assessment, and be truthful with yourself when to comes to the question as to whether Jesus has made a difference in your life.  If not – change it while you still have time.

God bless you all!

Pastor Brad Komgenick
God’s Light Christian Counseling
317 – 379 – 2842


At God’s Light, we strive to work with you to begin to help you solve the complexities that life throws at you.  We are constantly being sought after by Satan in order to isolate us and get us listening to his lies.  This causes all types of communication issues in our relationships.  We are here for you to help you strengthen your communication and bonds with those you love.  We offer discreet video sessions conducted right from your home over your phone or computer so you never have to leave home.  We offer convenient evening and weekend hours that fit your schedule.  Stop suffering and call us today to get on our ever filling schedules.    God bless!

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