Dead Ends

“I am so sick of waiting for God to do something about my situation.” “I ave been waiting for 6 months and nothing is changing in my situation.” “Nothing will ever change in my life.  It will always be this bad or worse.” “It seems like I will never catch a break.  I never seen … More Dead Ends

Who Are You?

Tonight I have a simple question for you?  Who are you?  Who defines who and what you are? Do you live for the praise of your boss at work? Do you live for the number of followers you have on Twitter and Facebook? Do you consider yourself a failure if your spouse tells you that … More Who Are You?

Being An Encourager

We all experience times and situations when we need an encourager—someone who lifts us up if we’re down, motivates us to keep going when we want to give up, and stands with us through every challenging circumstance. What’s more, each of us needs to be an encourager to someone else. There are people all around … More Being An Encourager