The Bible is absolutely full of the fact that we need to keep the truth with us each and every minute of every day.  Jesus called Himself, “The Way, The Truth, and the Life” meaning that Jesus, at His very core, is Truth embodied. The truth can seem to mean many things but in the … More Truth

Be Still

There is a huge difference between doing nothing and being still.  When you are doing nothing, your mind set is one that nothing is changing or is going to change.  When your being still, you are present with God, just you and God alone, living in the power of His peace. Alone time with God … More Be Still

Silent Night

As a child, I can remember that I used to love just sitting in front of our Christmas tree and I was mesmerized by the lights and how they danced.  I could sit there and watch those lights for hours at a time. The anticipation of what was under the tree was just the best … More Silent Night