Noah—Blameless Servant of God

  Key Passage: Genesis 6:5-13 Supporting Scriptures: Genesis 1:31 | Genesis 6:5-22 | Genesis 7 | Genesis 8 | Genesis 9:1-14 | Romans 10:9 | 1 John 1:9 Summary If there’s one story in the Bible most people know, it’s the one about Noah and the ark—even children’s books are written about it. But to understand the real message regarding this event, we need to look a little deeper … More Noah—Blameless Servant of God

Guilt No More

So we all know that we are all sinners right?  We hear this in church all the time and all of the great Christian literature makes it clear that we, as a human race, mess up all the time and we just need to get used to it.  It’s what we do. The one thing … More Guilt No More