How Soon Should I Remarry After A Divorce?

Divorce is an absolute devastating event in every persons life who experiences it, especially children.  Children immediately assume that the divorce was caused by something they did because Mom and Dad are “perfect” and therefore it has to be the child’s fault. The parents are usually way too busy dealing with the divorce to sit … More How Soon Should I Remarry After A Divorce?

Tough Love

Tough love is loving someone when they least expect it and least deserve it.  The love that is in our gospels can truly be summed up with two words:  LOVE CONQUERS! The love the Bible teaches is not some type of quick “love at first sight until I see something better” love.  It is a … More Tough Love

Re U.N.I.T.E d

This is by far the most important message married couples who are currently struggling will hear.  When what was once an amazing marriage begins to derail, the common cause is always poor communication.  When we have been married for some time, it becomes far to easy to begin to take communication for granted and we … More Re U.N.I.T.E d