God The Artist

Have you ever thought of God as being an artist?  If not, you sure are missing out on the world around you and the beauty that He has filled it with.  Take this picture for example: At first we see all of the beautiful colors and the different hues and we see that God has … More God The Artist

I Believe

Genesis 1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I believe God created all that there is: the heavens, the Earth, man, woman, animals, wind, water – you name it, He created it for our pleasure and sustenance. Exodus 21-22 – “21 Then Moses raised his hand over the sea, and the … More I Believe

Warning – Common Sense and Biblical Truth Ahead – Welcome To Rome

WARNING!!!!!  YOU MAY BE OFFENDED BY WHAT YOU READ AHEAD!!  PLEASE KNOW IT IS WRITTEN FROM A PLACE OF LIVE, TRUTH, COMMON SENSE, AND A DESIRE TO TAKE A STAND FOR MY SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.  Right now in our world it does not take a scholar to see that life is hard and getting harder … More Warning – Common Sense and Biblical Truth Ahead – Welcome To Rome

Tough Love

Tough love is loving someone when they least expect it and least deserve it.  The love that is in our gospels can truly be summed up with two words:  LOVE CONQUERS! The love the Bible teaches is not some type of quick “love at first sight until I see something better” love.  It is a … More Tough Love

All Eyes On You

Men you need to be very aware that all of your actions and all of your words are being fully watched and heard by your spouse and your children.  As well, what you DO NOT say or do is also duly noted by your family. A Godly man who is a strong spiritual leader of … More All Eyes On You

Love What Matters

Want to forget about your problems for awhile?  Want to cry tears of joy instead of tears of anguish and pain?  Want to have your faith in humanity restored?  Want to be shown proof that there is still plenty of good left in the world?  What proof that God exists and is there for us … More Love What Matters

Tell Her So

We here at God’s Light Christian Counseling are on a mission.  This mission we see as coming directly from God in answer to a crisis that is currently eating away at our nation.  What is the crisis:  Where Have All The Strong, Godly Christen Men Gone??????? In an effort to help my fellow brothers in … More Tell Her So